More DLC Gameplay Shown In Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below’s New Trailer

New dangers await on Earth’s Moon where the Hive build their army and prepare to unleash their madness on us petty Earthlings. Good thing we’ve got our own little army of brave¬†Guardians to take care of business.

On December 9, you’ll be able to take your Guardian on a new adventure in Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below. It introduces new Story Missions, new Strikes, a new Raid, new Crucible maps, new gear, a Light Level cap increase, and more. To show it all off, developer Bungie and publisher Activision have put together another trailer that mixes some of the cinematic scenes we saw earlier with new gameplay. You can watch it above.

A ton of new details on what’s new in Destiny’s upcoming expansion were spilled yesterday. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read up on the tweaks being made to Exotic, Legendary, and Raid gear, as well as what’s different with Strikes, Raids, and PvP.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below DLC launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 December 9.

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