Don’t Starve Together Update 2.46 Released for Audio & Bug Fixes This May 11

Don't Starve Together Update 2.46

Klei has released the Don’t Starve Together update 2.46 patch, and this is to add something to the menu music, as well as for a small list of fixes. Read on for the Don’t Starve Together May 11 patch notes.

Don’t Starve Together Update 2.46 Patch Notes | Don’t Starve Together May 11 Patch Notes:

Don’t Starve Together Patch 2.46 – 05/11/2022 (PlayStation)

  • Added WX-78 menu music.
  • The music volume of Chorusbox Circuit is now limited by the Music slider in the options menu.
  • The Processing Circuit can now also be learned by scanning a Moon Moth.
  • Wortox will now get souls from exploding Slurtles, Snurtles, and other explosive creatures.
  • Fixed Bottomless Pit firepit skin.
  • Fixed the logic for picking random items in Loot Stash.

That’s about it for this patch. If we spot any other changes, we’ll let our readers know about it and will update the post accordingly.

Source: Klei

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