DOOM Eternal Gets G Fuel Drinks “Sour Demon’ade” & “Spicy Demon’ade Reskin”

DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2

While DOOM Eternal fans might be looking for the latest info regarding The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC reveal happening later this week, it looks like there’s more DOOM Eternal stuff on the way, though this one is something that you can actually ingest! In a press release, the DOOM Eternal G Fuel tie-in has been announced, which might be just the thing demon slayers need to get their energy up while killing the scourge of the underworld.

Would-be buyers can pre-order the DOOM Eternal G Fuel-inspired drinks (called Spicy Demon’ade and Sour Demon’ade) tomorrow, with the items shipping out on May 15, 2021. There’s even a neat extra if you buy both tubs!

The G FUEL Spicy Demon’ade Reskin tub features the DOOM Slayer wielding the Sentinel Hammer, with the Betrayer and an entire Sentinel army at his back. Both are ready for battle against the armies of Hell. The G FUEL Sour Demon’ade tub boasts the other side of the battle: a titan led by an evil enemy wielding a mighty Crucible sword and meeting the DOOM Slayer head on.

Place both tubs side-by-side, and you’ll create the key art from the DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC, a face-off that fans will love to see and add to their G FUEL collection. Both the reskin and new G FUEL flavor will be available in the following forms:

  • G FUEL Spicy Demon’ade Reskin

    • 40-serving Spicy Demon’ade tub
    • Bundle with Spicy Demon’ade Reskin tub and Slayers Club Shaker Cup
  • G FUEL Sour Demon’ade

    • 40-serving Sour Demon’ade tub

    • Bundle with Sour Demon’ade tub and Slayers Club Shaker Cup

    • Bundle with Sour Demon’ade tub, Spicy Demon’ade Reskin tub, and Slayers Club Shaker Cup

If you’d rather hear about the upcoming DLC, Bethesda will give us the full reveal on March 17. Check out the screenshots and more leaked info right here.

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