DOOM Eternal Update 1.20 Blazes Out This August 18 (Update)

DOOM Eternal Update 1.20

Developer id Software has released the DOOM Eternal update 1.20 patch (PS5 version 1.004) this August 18, and this is an unannounced title update, and we’re not expecting any new content outside of gameplay-related changes.

DOOM Eternal Update 1.20 Patch Notes | DOOM Eternal Update 1.004 Patch Notes:

Update: id Software has released the short list of fixes for today’s patch!

Bug Fixes All Platforms


  • Fixed the issue in which health and armor drops from fallen demons would sometimes impair prevent hit-scan weapons/mods such as the Meat Hook, Destroyer Blade and Microwave Mod from functioning correctly

Unfortunately, id Software has not released the latest round of patch notes for today’s update just yet, but the studio usually does it within the day.

There is an event on-going now, which is the Plasma-Powered” limited-time event! The title update that brought this came with a slew of gameplay-related fixes, which you can check out here.

DOOM-Eternal PLASMA-POWERED community 960x1360-01-EN

From August 5 to September 2, players can earn XP to unlock cool cosmetic items for DOOM Eternal, from new weapon skins to player icons to unlockables like the futuristic Cosmic Slayer and the kitted-out UAC Tech Revenant Master Collection!

Once the full patch notes are out, we’ll be updating this post, so stay tuned!

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