Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Update 1.26 March 17 Flies Out for Legendary Pack 1 & More

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Update 1.26 March 17

As expected given the previous announcement, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 update 1.26 March 17 patch that brings the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, as well as a host of free gameplay content and fighter adjustments.

Note that the DLC is set to be available on March 18, and this is the game data now rolled out earlier than the launch date/time, which is standard practice for most games.

Head on below for the new stuff straight from the press release.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Update 1.26 March 17 Patch Notes:

Legendary Pack 1 New Content:

  • 2x new playable characters with Toppo “God of Destruction” and Pikkon

  • 2x new missions with the Tournament of Power Saga and Other World Saga

  • 3x new costumes and accessories including Bardock and Gine’s clothes from DRAGON BALL SUPER

  • 4x new Parallel Quests

  • 5x new Super Souls

  • 6x additional moves

  • 15x new illustrations

Free Game Update Includes:

  • 3x new Raid Quests

  • 3x new CC mascots (with color variations)

  • 4x new costumes and accessories

  • 5x new Super Souls

  • 60x new illustrations

  • 70x Hero Colosseum figurines

There are also gameplay adjustments included which can be seen below (from Bandai Namco translated via Reddit):

No.Skill NameChanges
1Bending KamehamehaMade the beam easier to hit with after additional command
2ShockwaveChanged the opponents damage reaction when knocked away
If the move hits an opponent who is guarding, you can cancel the move after firing
3Consecutive Energy BlastMade easier to hit with
4Ki Blast CannonShorterned time needed to vanish out of the move when hit
Made it so you can block
Made it so you can cancel out of the move after input
5Dust AttackMade it so it doesn’t make an opponent lock off
Changed Damage reaction when blocked/hit on the ground
Decreased time needed for hit to register
6Paralyze BeamChanged damage reaction when hit
Sped up time for hit to register
7Wolf Fang FistDecreased time for hit to register
Decreased movement range
8Volleyball FistMade easier to hit with
9Arm CrashTook away armour
10Sledge HammerChanged Damage Reaction when hit
11Ginyu Special ComboMade the right input move easier to hit with
12Sonic BombMade it so you can cancel the move with another super when it hits
Slightly decreased damage
Made it so you can’t change direction of explosions with directional inputs
Made it easier to hit an enemy who is knocked away
13Side BridgeChanged damage reaction for enemies knocked away
Made easier to hit with
14Freedom KickChanged damage reaction when hit
Made it easier to hit an enemy who is knocked away
15Zigzag expressMade easier to hit with
Slighlty decreased forward movement distance, deleted ability to change directional movement when using the move
16Super Ghost Kamikaze AttackDecreased time until ghosts dissapear
Made harder to hit with
17Rage SaucerChanged ki required to 100
18Ultimate ChargeMade easier for ki to recover – increased ki recovery speed
19Sonic RushMade easier to hit with
20Destruction’s Concerto: CometMade it so placed ki blasts stay in place when set
When you use Destruction’s Conductor, decreased time for ki blasts to fire
When you use Destruction’s Conductor, made it easier to hit an enemy who has been knocked away
21Confusion BladeMade it so if the user is hit when they use the move the blast dissapears
Made easier to hit with
22Sneaky StrikeChanged Damage reaction when hit
23Energy MinefieldMade it so you can cancel the move with an attack directly after use
Changed damage reaction when hit before placing blast
Made easier to hit with
Made it so Seereax has to give a shout-out to the dbxv reddit
24Divine KamehamehaMade it so you cannot use when stamina broken
25Dead end rainMade it so you don’t flinch if hit while using the move
26Ribrianne’s Eternal LoveChanged damage for pretty cannon dependant on number of hits
27Lovely ShowtimeIncreased power up effect
28Prominence FlashMade it so that the move the time it takes to fire the move is no longer changed by number of hits
Damage of each stage is unchanged
29Special Beam BlastMade easier to hit with
30Spinning bladeMade easier to hit with
31Victory CannonChanged reaction to damage when hit
32Turn GoldenDecreased time to fully charge ki blasts
Decreased damage of all normal ki blasts except when fully charged
33PurificationMade it so you can cancel out of a normal combo’s last move
Quick sleep now recovers Ki
Pearl flash made easier to hit a knocked back opponent
Vanishing ball – changed damage reaction when hit
Made it so SLOPlays will get fooled into reading this out
34Power Pole ProWhen the sweeping pole move hits, made it so you can cancel out of the animation with a stepvanish or boost dash
Made it so your sweep move can be cancelled from a hit from behind
35FuMade it so he can do two attacks while jumping
Made it so strong attack combo strings are able to combo into weak attack on hits 2-4
36Goku (Ultra Instinct)Just like ki blast moves, made it so you cannot evade strike skills
37RibrianneIncreased buffs gained by regular combos
38Super Soul ‘Flying nimbus’Changed effects when used
Made it so it doesn’t activate for any other moves except Power Pole Pro
39Super Soul ‘Time to get serious’Decreased buff slightly
40Conton City TournamentSlightly decreasded the attack power and defence power of characters who appear
Altered enemiy’s powerful attacks and skills
41Quest Item drop rateIncreased item drop rate of all quests

If Bandai Namco announces more gameplay or technical changes included in the patch that’s not mentioned above, we’ll be sure to update the post.

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