Driveclub Launches Next Week, Check Out The Latest “All Action” Trailer

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The PlayStation 4-exclusive racer Driveclub from Evolution Studios is on track to launch this Tuesday, October 7 and the developers have got a brand new “All Action” trailer to show you.

The game’s PlayStation Plus edition is now available to pre-download on your PS4. You’ll find by visiting the game’s page on the PlayStation Store. You can also pre-order the standard Blu-ray edition if you’re into some of these cool pre-order bonus offers.

Recently, the studio announced that Driveclub would offer support for Thrustmaster’s T80 & T300RS wheels for the PlayStation 4 for those that prefer a wheel over the DualShock 4 when it comes to racing games.

If you missed it, you’ll find all the details on Driveclub’s Season Pass and upcoming free updates right here.