Dying Light 2 Booster Events Announced, Available for 4 Weeks Until May 23

Dying Light 2 Booster Events

Techland has annouunced Dying Light 2 Booster Events for four weeks, with players able earn twice the XP needed for combat and parkour throughout the weekend. Check out the minute-long video for these events, and the accompanying details as well.

Booster events are here! Spend four separate, wild weekends playing Dying Light 2 Stay Human with limited-time events that will BOOST your performance and change up your style.

– Double XP (28/04 – 03/05)

– Trove of Crystals (05/05 – 09/05)

– Blue Moon (12/05 – 16/05)

– Hyper Mode (19/05 – 23/05)

Starting today, play Double XP and earn x2 the combat and parkour XPs to max out the skill tree quicker! Don’t miss all the other booster events that are coming shortly after.

If you’re having trouble grinding those XPs for your combat and parkour skills, then these booster events are a good chance to catch up on those in Dying Light 2. The events will only be available during certain days on the weekend (Thursdays to Sundays) so watch out and save the dates!

In case you missed it, here are the complete patch notes on the latest update for Dying Light 2 which added New Game+!

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