Dying Light 2 February 11 Update Rolled Out for PC, Adds Video Settings & More

Dying Light 2 Update 1.07

Techland has pumped out the Dying Light 2 February 11 update for PC, and this includes additional fixes, even new video settings and more! Read up on what was added in the official patch notes below.

Dying Light 2 February 11 Patch Notes:

Here’s the official message from Techland (via the game’s official Disord):

Hello survivors!
Another Patch for PC is now live. With this patch we’ve implemented all remaining issues from what was previously communicated and also added a few additional improvements.

– Fixed numerous crashes and improved game stability.
– Added option to switch in-game voiceover between localized and original (English).
– Added additional video settings (including motion blur and distance blur).
– Various improvements for keyboard and mouse key binding options (including walk toggle option and switch between toggle and hold aiming).
– Proper music now plays for peers in COOP sessions.

Patch for consoles is currently under submission, we’ll keep you updated

As for the other fixes that was “previously communicated,” here’s the full list of what was disclosed back on February 7:

Ready for Implementation:

  • Various game crashing bugs
  • Various situations that could cause infinite black screens
  • AI dead body replication in co-op
  • DLSS improvements
  • Issue with players that couldn’t sell valuables to vendor

We Are Working On:

  • Issues with mouse key binding, adding gaming mice support for custom buttons
  • Blocks resulting in players ending in a death loop
  • Various story blocks
  • Possibility to enable English VO if local language is not English
  • Adding backup saves
  • Exposing additional video settings
  • Visual bugs sometimes visibile in hospital in “Markers  of Plague” quest

Don’t forget, there was a patch for PC released just a few days ago on February 8. For console players, once the patch is out, we’ll be sure to let you know ASAP. So best to bookmark our Dying Light 2 game hub and refresh it from time to time.

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