Dying Light 2: How to Upgrade the Paraglider and Why You Should

dying light 2 paraglider

Greetings, all nightrunners! By now, many of you are probably deep in the world of Dying Light 2, exploring every inch of it and experiencing all it has to offer. Of course, all the parkour skills you’ve unlocked have probably been a big help, but if you’re like me, you probably were excited to try out the paraglider — a new addition for the sequel. Sadly, like many are coming to realize, it isn’t exactly the most optimal way of traveling, as it’s rather slow and clunky. Thankfully, like many other things in Dying Light 2, the Paraglider can be upgraded, providing some drastic, needed improvements.

How to Upgrade the Paraglider in Dying Light 2

Very early on, you will unlock a number of shops, typically located in the big settlements. One of these shops is called the Craftmaster and it is here that you will be able to purchase weapon mods, as well as a number of upgrades for accessories and consumables. Being this early on, you won’t have any access to Nightrunner tools just yet, so you’ll need to unlock them in order to access the Nightrunner Tool upgrade menu. These will be given to you naturally as you progress through the story, with the Paraglider coming in right when you first meet Lawan and unlock the second part of the city (It’s a few hours into the game).

Anyway, once you do get the Paraglider from her you will have the option to upgrade it via Craftmaster. The only thing is, you probably don’t have the material to upgrade it, or any of the other Nightrunner Tools you have. Thankfully, the material required isn’t locked behind any kind of story progression as all what is required is Military Tech and Old World Money (currency).

Currency is self explained, but Military Tech you will need to do a bit of searching to find those as they are scattered all over the city. Luckily, they come in dropped air shipment that have landed on top of building roofs. You are sure to spot many of these as you explore the city, but anytime you see a question marker high on a roof top, chances are it’s one of these air drops.

Some of these will be free to open, otherwise you’ll need to combine 25 lockpicks with the GRE key to open the military tech holder in these shipment containers. That means you’ll need to farm for scraps, and/or purchase them from sellers in order to craft more lockpicks. Once you do have enough you can open these containers to be rewarded the military tech. Travel back to the Craftmaster to unlock the Nightrunner Tool upgrade menu.

The Perks of Upgrading the Paraglider

In total, you can upgrade the paraglider three times, with each of those upgrades offering new perks. There is a massive advantage to upgrading the Paraglider in Dying Light 2, as it turns it from being a nuisance to use, to being possibly one of the best traversal items in the game. The upgrades will give it a wide variety of perks, such as better maneuverability, range, and speed. The best perks however are the momentary boosts and being able to pitch back to increase height. These two go hand and hand together and make reaching high heights a breeze, and loads faster than traditional parkour. It even makes parkour challenges easier as by allowing you to skip through obstacles. You also almost never run out of stamina if you are using the boost correctly as it should provide enough speed to reach the air vents that are littered all over the city.

Trust us, this is an absolute must out of every Nightrunner tool that needs to be upgraded first.

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Teri S
1 year ago

I upgraded my paraglider once, and now all I can find for the upgrades are either the grapple hook or UV light. Is there no more actual upgrades to paraglider?

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