Dying Light 2 Last-Gen Gameplay Debuting This Month; Game Will Feature Over 500 Unique Pieces of Gear

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With a little over a month to go till release, it finally looks like Techland is gearing up to showcase the last-gen version of Dying Light 2 as it has been confirmed that Dying Light 2 last-gen gameplay will be dropping sometime this month, which should be a relief for those who are planning on getting the game on PS4, Xbox One.

Taking to both Discord and Twitter, community manager Uncy too to addressing questions revolving around the last-gen version of Dying Light 2, confirming that that the studio will be showing it off this month.

A lot of people were asking me on Discord, so I think it’s only fair to also say it here: We’re planning to show old-gen gameplay as we know how important it is for our players. I cannot share any dates yet, you can expect it to be shown in January

Last year in November, we were given the opportunity to get some hands-on time with the PC version at a press event, which did include a sneak peak presentation from Techland on the last-gen version (PS4 Pro) of Dying Light 2. Sadly, since we didn’t get to play it ourselves, we didn’t want to comment much on its performance, but suffice to say it did look like the team was working hard to ensure the title was optimized for the platform. With the build being old and months passing since then, we hope this updated look impresses players still playing on the older platforms.

And sticking to the subject of the game, the studio also announced that Dying Light 2 will feature over 500 unique pieces of gear that players can collect and equip.

Not bad, though hopefully there is plenty of variety amongst that gear and not a bunch of reskins/re-coloring.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be launching on February 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch (cloud streaming), and PC. You can watch us play it for 16 minutes right here (raw footage, no commentary).

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