Dying Light 2 Will Have More Open World Events Compared to First Game, Picking Faction Is Mandatory

dying light 2

While we haven’t seen new gameplay footage of Dying Light 2 in quite some time, Techland is making sure fans are kept up to date with the game, as another studio Q&A session has been conducted by the studio, where some interesting questions have been answered.

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In the video, which you can see below, Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala, and Associate Producer Julia Szynkaruk fielded questions, with Szynkaruk confirming that more open world events will be in the game, compared to the first Dying Light!

Fan Question: Will there be more open world events such as airdrops from the first game?

Julia Szynkaruk: Yes, there will be a lot more open world events in Dying Light 2. Not only will we have a living world with encounters all over, but also you will be able to explore new locations, such as GRE Quaratines or Dark Places.

In the same Q&A, Smektala confirmed that players will need to side with one faction, so nope, you can’t “lone wolf” the main game.

Fan Question: Will I be able to side with no factions, and be an enemy to all?

Tymon Smektala: You have to understand that our world is extremely brutal, extremely primal; full of threats and conflicts. So, if you have no allies, you basically die very quickly — and we don’t want you to die very quickly, and we also want you to make a decision,  we also want you to make a statement. So a lone wolf option is not available, you wil have to decide if you want to play with those guys or the other ones.

There are two main factions in the Dying Light 2 game world. There are the Peacekeepers (which is the more combat-oriented faction), and there’s the Survivors (which focus mostly on traversal). There’s also the Renegades, which are the main villains of the game, and there are also other smaller factions that are in the game for story purposes, side missions and whatnot.

You can check out the full Q&A below.

Dying Light 2 still has no firm release date, but is targeted to be released sometime this year. Once we know more, we’ll let our readers know.

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2 years ago

I absolutely loved the 1st game. It was a true pleasure, finding new blueprints, killing all those zombies, etc etc.

Dying light 2 , hopefully, will be everything i dream of : much bigger map, many more enemies, more verticallity, much more detailed world, tons of missions, possibility to enter all the buildings, houses, open all the doors.. many new weapons, with rare blueprints for new affixes (poison, electricity, etc)…night ennemies…tons of npcs…huge rpg-like skills tree….. eventually we can create and customize our character, with tons of skins…several factions with interesting characters.. raytracing even at 4k60 fps, for that crazy amazing lighting…some kind of slow-motion effect when killing a big enemy …possibility to dive….tons of collectibles…full game playable in co-op…rain, snow…. tons of particle effects…swimming-pools of hemoglobin … a fantastic dismemberment engine, so we can , eg, slice an arm, leg, etc exactly where the blade hits the body…. deadly animals, like an infected bear/wolf/etc….tons of loot…at least 100 hours of gameplay…some tasks to do/repeat, so we can keep playing even after we beat the main story…. and again, a gi-gan-tic map

Dying light was one of my top favorite games ever… so I’m really hoping techland won’t disappoint me, like fallout5 , ghost recon breakpoint or cyberpunk 2077 DID

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