Dying Light Battle Royale Mode “Bad Blood” Gameplay Shown Off Along With New Info

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Guess which game is jumping into the battle royale bandwagon? It’s none other than Techland’s Dying Light! Yes, the zombie game which was released back in 2015 is jumping into the battle royale pool! Originally announced late last year, we now have more details regarding Dying Light battle royale!

The new mode will be called “Bad Blood,” and has no definite release date just yet, though it’s confirmed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  Watch our first look at Dying Light battle royale gameplay below.

As you can see, it’s not your standard battle royale game. For one thing, it involves only six players, and the other big change? Well, there’s zombies. Here’s some of the official details straight from Techland.

  • CLOSE COMBAT PvPvEA creative blend of PvE and PvP gameplay. Kill the infected and destroy their hives to collect blood samples. Prey on other players, steal their samples, and become the only survivor.
  • DECISION-BASED SURVIVALFight or run to gear up and return stronger? Attack hives to level up or loot and craft weapon mods? Collect blood samples or steal them from other players? Learn to make instant decisions if you want to survive.
  • TACTICAL PARKOURWhether you run for your life, chase another player or race to the chopper, it’s your parkour skills

You can sign up for a chance to play it for free right here! And nope, you don’t need to own Dying Light to be able to be part of it.