E3 2012 – Call of Duty: Black Ops II Extended Gameplay Footage

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Thanks to the boys over at Machinima, we are able to get a look at some extended gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops II from this year’s E3. You can check out the initial footage, including some fancy, off-rails aerial combat sequences, right here.

Yes, it is only single player footage, but you can, at least, get a good look at the graphics engine as well as some of the weapons, drones, and gadgets that you’ll most likely be using across all modes.

Here are some interesting things we’ve noticed from the gameplay footage so far:

  • KAP-40 Pistol
  • XM8 Assault Rifle
  • TYPE 25 Assault Rifle
  • STORM PSR (5 levels of charge)
  • X-Ray ACOG attachment
  • Vector K10 SMG
  • Chicom QCB
  • Wrist-mounted explosives
  • Drone support controlled via a wrist-mounted interface
  • RPGs
  • A clean and minimal HUD that bobs with the player as he runs

Watch the footage for yourself and let us know if you find anything interesting or out of the ordinary in the comments below!