E3 2013 – Rainbow 6: Patriots Will Be Coming To Next-Gen Platforms, Says Ubisoft

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Even though Rainbow 6: Patriots was not at this year’s E3 convention, it doesn’t mean that the latest installment of the, tactical first-person shooter won’t be causing any buzz around the gaming world, despite its current release status being unknown at the time.

Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key has confirmed to IGN that the Rainbow 6 series will now be headed to the next-gen platforms. Additionally, Key has stated that as they are entering this new generation, they want to make sure they create the right game at the right time, with the right feature sets.

Key explains the transition, stating that, “Rainbow 6 got caught in the transition of going to next-gen and essentially we’re figuring out ‘well, are we making the right game for the right hardware systems?’ And you know, on Watch Dogs, the guys have been working on that game and it’s always been a next-generation game in their minds and the way they were designing it. And at the end of the day when the specs showed up for next generation, they had guessed right. That’s not always the case.

“Sometimes you have to take a step back and go ‘you know, I’m seeing the possibilities, but it’s gonna take more time,’” He added, “We don’t really have anything else to announce or say about Rainbow 6, but we will say it’s a really exciting project for us and we can’t wait to say more.”

Though Rainbow 6: Patriot’s official status is still up in the air, as Ubisoft isn’t ready to make any more announcements for the highly anticipated title, we do know that that at least a portion of the game has been completed.

Look forward to more Rainbow 6 news as we learn more.