E3 2019: Microsoft Officially Announces Next Xbox as “Project Scarlett,” First Specs Revealed

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During Microsoft’s E3 press conferences Phil Spencer, executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft took to the stage to unveil Xbox’s next-gen console

Project Scarlet. Similar to the reveal of the Xbox One X at previous E3’s, Phil went on the detail some of the specs for the console, which can be found below.

  • Will feature Backwards Compatibility with previous Xbox systems
  • 4X more powerful than the Xbox One X
  • Will support 4K and 8k Resolution (Gaming and Video)
  • Will feature a SSD with virtual RAM
  • Will Be Based On Navi and Zen 2
  • Real-time ray tracing support

Phil ensured the crowd that the system would mainly be focused on the games, which is a call back to the mistakes that they have made with the reveal of Xbox One being mostly focused on TV aspects. This of course stance has definitely changed over the past few years with the introduction of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One and the mass purchases of multiple game studios in the recent years.

No doubt this console is sporting some rather amazing specs, one that could certainly compete with the rumored specs of the PlayStation 5.  Xbox Scarlet is set to launch next year during the Holidays. We expect to hear plenty more as we get closer to launch, especially at next year’s E3.

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19 thoughts on “E3 2019: Microsoft Officially Announces Next Xbox as “Project Scarlett,” First Specs Revealed

  1. That is not middle upper in 2020. This is high end. I would bet not even 10 percent of PC gamers don’t game right now as strong as a pro or X. The Scarlett and PS5 are monsters for consoles. Both are attacking the high end PC market.

      1. i think thats exactly what were doing … thanks for stopping by this particular article to show us how insecure you are tho … :::thumbs up:::

    1. steam has a break down of the type of machines their users use and the high end gamers i believe were somewhere in the 3-4% , and the majority (75%) game on systems equivalent to xbox one s … i have a gaming rig with a 1080ti and i game more on the xbox one x due to more friends being on the console…

      the whole gaming war shit is just funny bs….. i have about 12 friends on pc and they all have budget machines except one guy on a 2080…

      1. I have a Pro and traded in one of my S models on a 1X. I have not been a fan of MS in a very long time but I do love HALO and have been an Insider on the console since it’s inception and now on the PC as well. I run dual Rog Strix 1080 GTXs and just want good gaming. I hate the direction taken by Gears. Not that it is a woman but her character lacks the grit of those in the series. And this is coming from someone that likes Baird most of all.

        The one game I didn’t see from them I wanted was the Gears strategy title.

        1. Hey your a familiar face lol

          Your rigs better than mine for sure, but pc gaming is great as is console.

          I don’t think I’m fond of the character myself, I hope she turns out good

          1. Ha ha yes. I do not post at that old site anymore. That extra card of mine is useless except on older titles so we’re like running about the same. Hacking the files to support SLI isn’t something with which I bother much anymore (some games are a real pain) and I have plans to upgrade with Nvidia’s next wave. I have 64GB of DDR in there but I never get close to using that. Such a waste on my part.

            I would like her to be good but looking at some of her design it points the way she will go character wise and I am not a fan of that sort of take. I was discussing this with a friend in Tokyo last night and as I told him I really wanted this to be good but I am not feeling it. I never really get into titles that I have to learn to like. SOCOM 2 had the best demolition mode I have ever seen and I wish the new game mode would have mimicked some of those mechanics.

  2. Zen 2, SSD and a lot of high-speed ram… For all we know at this point, it’s about the same as what Sony said about the ps5 a few weeks ago.

  3. Phil was very particular with his words. He stated this is the most powerful console we’ve ever made. What he didn’t say was this is the most powerful console ever made.

      1. From what has been leaked so far, it would be possible to make the call if your machine was grossly powerful. I think MS is worried Sony will do what they did with the PS4 which is mislead the industry and everyone watching, then catch them with their pants down.

  4. there is ZERO reason to buy a xbox console i can game pass on pc now and not pay for xbox live or the $15 bundle.

    xbox still has ZERO games.

  5. The PS5/Next Crapbox have things in comon……………..Both have
    Zen2(CPU), Both have Navi(model unknown)(GPU+RT), Both have custom super
    fast SSD’s, Both do resolutions upto 8K, Both capable of upto 120FPS,
    Both using GDDR6 memory(amount unknown), Both have(back compat), Both
    have game streaming services, Both have high bandwith, Both did not show
    clocks of CPU/GPU/Ram/Bandwidth

    Next Crapbox pointless, just
    get PS5 & PC for Xbox) best of both worlds. PS5 day one for me,
    already have a PC). PC game pass will cost MS Next Crapbox hardware

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