EA Explains Titanfall Console Exclusivity on Xbox

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During yesterday’s earnings call, Electronic Arts commented on entering into a console exclusivity deal with Microsoft for their upcoming shooter, Titanfall.

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Andrew Wilson, explained, “we made that decision when it was back a few years ago when we decided to go exclusive. We had some forecast at that time from where we thought both Xbox and PlayStation would be and that’s what we based our decision on.

Despite PlayStation 4’s popularity, highlighted by its latest sales figures, EA is not very concerned with Xbox’s console exclusively. “I think we’re still feeling very comfortable with that [decision to go exclusive]. I think — think about the deal as economically as we made. We told people last quarter that it’s a trade-off between The Sims 4, which is the product we moved out when we moved Titanfall in. And the reason that’s economically neutral on that deal in this year is that most of the expenses for the development of Respawn’s products were expensed along the way, as we do with all of our R&D.”

When asked about avoiding the issues that hampered Battlefield 4’s launch, Andrew Wilson noted, “We’re currently moving through kind of public tests of the product, and we’re seeing great results and we’re really looking forward to seeing the gamer reaction in March.”

Also during the call, it was revealed that DLC for Titanfall is in development. Titanfall releases on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on March 11th.