EA FIFA 21 Down Reports Surfacing for July 5

FIFA 21 Update 1.25

Okay, here’s a weird one: after yesterday’s hours-long EA FIFA 21 down time for its servers, it seems the same is happening again! Yes, EA FIFA 21 down reports are surfacing for July 5 — and mostly for PlayStation and PC gamers!

EA FIFA 21 Down Reports for July 5:

Here’s the latest word from the FIFA subreddit:

Is the game down for anyone else? from FIFA

Just now, the official FIFA Direct Communications Twitter account has confirmed the outage as well:

We are investigating reports of some players being unable to connect to EA Servers, and we will provide updates in this thread when available.

Same as yesterday, we’ll be updating this post as more developments happen. If FIFA 21 is playable or not playable for you, chime in below in the comments on what platform you’re playing on, and where you are in the world, so other FIFA 21 players are aware, alright?

The updates will be posted up top, so it can be seen by everyone ASAP.

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  1. I’m in the UK and I can’t connect. I could an hour ago though. I play on both Xbox One and PC on 2 different accounts and both are unable to connect

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