EA FIFA 21 Down Worldwide, EA Investigating for July 4 (Update)

FIFA 21 Update 1.27

Footie fans, if you can’t get your EA FIFA 21 game on, it’s not your ‘net, it’s EA’s! EA FIFA 21 down has been confirmed by EA, and multiple reports are coming in from gamers from around the world that, yes, FIFA 21 servers aren’t working as intended!

Update: FIFA 21 servers are acting up again this July 5! Monitor the situation right here.

EA FIFA 21 Down Status Report:

Update 1: EA has announced that it is disabling Match Creation in FUT due to the on-going issues:

Update 2: EA is still working on resolving this issue.

Update 3: EA has resolved the issue!

Here’s the official announcement from EA:

We are investigating reports of some players being unable to log into FUT / EA Servers on PlayStation 4. An update will be provided in this thread when available.

We’re checking to see if other platforms are affected as well, but for reference, the community has confirmed the outage as well!

Anyones servers down ? UK 🤔 came in from work and can’t get on for some punishment on WL from Fifa21

Are the servers down? from Fifa21

It seems it’s been down close to an hour for some people, even. This isn’t the first time this has happened to the game this weekend, sadly. EA has announced that it has extended the Weekend League Plus objective by 24 hours given the server outage on July 3!

In addition to FIFA 21, another EA-published game is having issues running this holiday weekend. Hackers have infiltrated the Apex Legends servers, and are using the game to launch a “Save Titanfall” campaign!

Once we know more, we’ll update the post. If FIFA 21 is working for you, please leave a comment below listing your platform, and country/region.

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