EA: Over 230 Million People Engaged in EA Sports Franchises & Content in Past Year

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While some gamers might thumb their noses at yearly iteration of sports video games, there’s a reason why publishers and companies continue to release them, and it’s because it makes a ton of cash. For publisher EA, its EA Sports label is on the same boat.

During EA’s quarterly earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced some of the impressive figures the publisher’s sports titles managed to hit, and boy! Are they impressive! Wilson mentioned that over the past fiscal year, EA Sports titles managed to snag a whopping 230 million people to engage in its games and content.

Drilling down on these growth drivers. EA SPORTS is at the core of the sports experience for hundreds of millions of fans. More and more people, especially younger Gen Z players, are now defining their sports fandom through the games they play like FIFA, Madden, NHL and UFC. In the past fiscal year, we’ve had more than 230 million people engaged with our EA SPORTS franchises and content.

We delivered six new high-quality sports games in FY ‘21, including FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21, on the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, ushering in a new generation of sports games. FIFA continues to grow on every platform. We set a new record of nearly six million daily active players in FIFA Ultimate Team in December and FUT matches have grown a staggering 177% year-over-year. FIFA Online 4 in Korea has had higher player acquisition in every quarter of this year compared to last year.

Wilson also announced that FIFA Mobile Asia has reached over 21 million players, and even UFC 4 has seen an increase in daily players compared to its past iteration.

And we now have nearly 21 million players in FIFA Mobile Asia. We are driving growth across our EA SPORTS portfolio. Madden NFL has more players engaged in the franchise than ever before. NHL engagement is up 13% year-over-year.

And since launch, UFC 4 has consistently had 20% more daily players than our previous game. EA SPORTS is at the center of innovation, both in our games as well as how fans are connecting through our games to their friends and to the sports they love. For example, in a year where an in-person Pro Bowl event was not possible, we worked with our NFL partners to create the first-ever virtual Pro Bowl in Madden NFL 21. This was a groundbreaking experience for fans, where playing Madden actually helped to select two Pro Bowl players.

Yep, so if you’re hoping to see less sports games from EA, don’t count on it. That said, players do have the option of not buying these games or not even reading about it as well, so let the sports nuts have their yearly fun, alright?

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