EA Sports WRC Releases November 3, 2023; Game Features Listed

EA Sports WRC release date revealed

Electronic Arts announced via press release this morning that EA Sports WRC will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on November 3, 2023. The developers behind the wheel are none other than Codemasters, known for their work on the DiRT Rally games. With the official WRC brand attached, EA is aiming to create an incredibly genuine rally car experience. They’ve also released a new trailer for the game, which can be seen here:

These are the features that fans can look forward to in EA Sports WRC:

EA Sports WRC Game Features:

  • Official Tracks – EA Sports WRC will feature 18 locations at launch, all pulled from official FIA World Rally Championship spots.
  • Dozens of Vehicles – Players will be able to choose from 78 different rally cars ranging from classic rally vehicles to cars used by modern WRC competitors.
  • Dynamic Handling System – This system will allow players to tune their vehicle handling however they want. They’ll even be able to copy set-ups that professional drivers use.
  • Builder Mode – This mode puts car creation tools in the player’s hands, granting them further customization options. Players will have the opportunity to change everything about their car down to the interior design.
  • 32-Player Multiplayer Mode – EA has promised a multiplayer mode with full cross-platform capability.
  • EA Racenet There will also be a racing companion app released alongside the game that will create a space for players to organize tournaments and view classic WRC Rally moments.
  • Pre-order Bonuses – Pre-ordering a digital copy of the game will allow players up to three days of early access, meaning they’ll be able to hop in on October 31, 2023. They’ll also receive five VIP passes which will add cosmetic content to their game inventory post-launch.
  • EA Play Pro Edition – Members of EA Play Pro will also get access to the pre-order bonuses with the EA Play Pro Edition.

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