EA Stocks Drop After DICE Project Stall Caused By Battlefield 4 Issues

EA investors aren’t responding too well to the recent news of EA-owned developers DICE halting progress on upcoming Battlefield 4 expansions and even future video game projects like Star Wars: Battlefront.

As, GameInformer reports, via SeekingAlpha, EA stocks have dropped nearly 7.5% since the announcement.

The decision comes after what seems like an overwhelming influx of Battlefield 4 bugs and issues that have plagued the title since launch and have caused a bit of a distrust between gamers and developers. You can catch up on the details right here, but constant crashing, late DLC, and late patches are among the handful of factors contributing to Battlefield 4’s bad press.

The good news: A direct impact on EA’s finances like this might force the publisher to rethink launch strategies. Gamers can express concerns all they want, but in the end, it’s money that talks.

What’s your take?

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