EA UFC 4 Update 7.01 January 22 Kicks Out

EA UFC 4 Update 7.01 January 22

While EA Vancouver just released a hefty update to EA UFC 4 yesterday that brought in new content and changes, it looks like something got lost in the shuffle as the EA UFC 4 update 7.01 January 22 patch has been released today!

Clocking in at 2GB on Xbox One and 1.4 GB on PS4, don’t expect any major new content, as EA Vancouver has remained mum about the patch so far.

EA UFC 4 Update 7.01 January 22 Patch Notes:

It seems there’s no official patch notes available yet, but here’s what’s been voiced out by the community regarding this update:

Reddit user xFINISHxHIMx states that some stuff were left out in yesterday’s patch even if they were listed in the patch notes, and these are the sliders for Quick Match Online.

Here’s what the dev team had to say about the sliders:

  • Added additional settings to Online Invite match settings, including gameplay sliders

Gameplay received some significant improvements and changes in this patch. The team has continued to review community feedback and for this patch we’ve focused on making more impactful changes to both stamina and submissions. Additionally, there are many other improvements to gameplay including gameplay sliders for online invite matches, a new kick type – calf kicks, attribute balancing, and tons of fighter moveset updates.

Same as always, if we spot any other changes made, or if the dev team releases more info, we’ll update the post/

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