EA UFC 4 Update 8.00 February 11 Adds New Fighters & More

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EA Vancouver has released a hefty update to EA UFC 4 today that adds new fighters and more! The EA UFC 4 update 8.00 February 11 patch is live and adds Aleksander Rakic and Marvin Vettori, and shakes up the fighter rankings, too!

EA UFC 4 Update 8.00 February 11 Patch Notes:

Here’s the official rating for two new fighters:

In addition to that, Max Holloway’s rating has been upped and he’s the latest fighter to get a full five-star rating!

There are also new vanity items added and gameplay changes.

EA Vancouver has not revealed the full patch notes, but here’s some of the stuff changed revealed by the devs in the game’s official Discord channel:

  • Fixed issues with the Dominick Cruz’s Special Outside Lunge. It now has the proper evasion windows and can actually evade two strikes.
  • Decreased defender scramble cost against the Hiptoss from Collartie and Muay Thai
Here are the other changes from the PS4’s update history:
Major Updates:

  • Added 2 new fighters, Aleksander Rakic and Marvin Vettori

Gameplay Updates:

  • Increased Permanent Block Damage
  • Fixed issue with pivot counters damage
  • Decreased defender scramble cost against the hip toss from Collar tie and Muay Thai
  • Attempting the Muay Thai hip toss now requires a 20% stamina advantage
  • Tuned speed of various combos
  • Various animation tuning and fixes
  • Fixed an issue with evaison consistency on the Back Lean
  • Decreased defender stamina drain on tower takedown scramble.

If EA Vancouver issues a patch notes list we’ll update the post.