Elden Ring Speedrun Completes Game in Less Than 10 Minutes

elden ring speedrun

Elden Ring speedrun history has been broken once again, as famed runner Distortion2 has breached the 10 minute mark for the first time in the game’s history! The record time is also historic for another reason, as this posted time is now officially the least amount of time for a speedrun amongst all of the Souls games by FromSoftware.

As you can see in the video above, the run is incredibly technical and utilizes almost no combat at all. The run consists almost entirely of zips, which are the glitches speedrunners use for traversing places by holding up a guard and moving at certain intervals. What’s special about this particular run is that Distortion2 also used zip skips for Maliketh, which would usually be the first boss that speedrunners must face in the 1.02 patch category, requiring the use of the overpowered Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War from the Icerind Axe.

However, with the latest patch severely nerfing the Ash of War, this run is now the undisputed fastest in the current patch as it does not require any combat whatsoever.

With these new skips, speedrunners can now beat the game without setting up for weapons at all, effectively cutting down the time to just perfecting zips for all of the skips in the game. Distortion2 famously also set World’s First across the 50, 40, 30, and 20 minute marks, so it will not be surprising to see him cut down this record 8:56 to below 5 minutes in the future.

With this new time, Elden Ring now has the fastest speedrun you can complete across the Souls games. Dark Souls 2 previously held that record at 14:20, with the original Dark Souls at third at 21:10.

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