What eSports Streamers Can Learn From Successful Live Dealer Online Casino Players

How do you become a good Twitch streamer? This is one of the most asked questions by many beginner streamers. And who would blame them? Ninja earned $10 million in 2018 and a dozen more players consistently earned $1 million or more.

While not everyone can become as popular as Ninja, most streamers can become successful on Twitch. There are hundreds of millions of people constantly looking for good streams. Become one of them and you could end up becoming a millionaire very soon. Where do you start? Follow these tips used by successful live dealer online casino players.

Pick a Good Game

Most successful live casino players don’t play all kinds of games. If they wanted to, they could play poker; roulette, Blackjack, craps, Keno or even live slots games. But then again, they would never become good in any particular game.

In a similar way, Twitch streamers have access to tons of games. From Overwatch to League of Legends, Fortnite to Gods of War, there are plenty of games for each kind of player. However, some games have more fans than others. Individually, you’re probably better in one game than the other.  

Search for the most streamed Twitch games and choose one of them. You could also add a second game you believe is less streamed but has numerous fans. Learn about the game and practice as much as possible. Find good playing strategies and incorporate them into your gaming action.

Get Good Tool Kits

Ever joined a live casino game? Everything is designed to give you an absorbing experience. Dealers are good looking and smartly designed. Gaming software runs smoothly and you could access streams in whichever picture quality you love.

While you can’t control the devices fans use to access your stream, make things good for them. Always stream using HD or full HD video quality. Invest in powerful microphones, great gaming computers, and lighting systems.

Turn your streaming channel and gaming room into an immersive place. Make it a place viewers want to visit again because they’re entertained and can access your streams without any hindrances. Get a grip of what an immersive gaming experience is by checking out the best live dealer online casinos in the UK on toponlinecasinos.co.uk.


Adopt a Pro’s Mindset and Work Hard

Compared to the online casino industry, Twitch is still a young industry. Still, it’s important to put your mind and dedication into streaming as much as you can. Most successful live dealers put all their efforts toward succeeding.

Keep in mind casino players have to deal with losses every now then. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. But they never give up. Instead, they view gaming as a profession and act like their livelihoods depend on it.

Of course, most of the top streamers are hard working. There is no way they would get to their level without hard work. Valkia, for example, streams every day for about 5-8 days. He’s also YouTuber and starts his morning by creating YouTube videos.

Ninja also streams frequently. Last year, he streamed 3,800 hours, an equivalent of 5 full months. As a beginner, you can start off streaming 2-3 hours per day. With time, increase your streaming time.

Socialize with Fans and Build a Community

Many live dealer casino players don’t have fan bases. They play against small groups of players and dealers. But admittedly, social skills are an important part of every good live dealer player. Knowing fellow players help identify their strengths and weaknesses.

For eSports streamers, socializing with fans helps build a community. And this is very important. Everyone starts with one fan, then you gain two, five and before you know it—there are one 10000 people watching your streams.

It asks for a lot of dedication to become a successful streamer. Take your time to learn about your fan base. Join the chat room and read their comments about your streams. If they ask for content, find and deliver it to them.

Your end game as a streamer is not only to become famous and successful but to also have a community of fans. A community sticks with you during the hard times. They continue subscribing when you change games and are more likely to sell whatever you promote to them.

Spice up your Content

Even the biggest Overwatch or LOL fans want a break sometimes. They may want you to stream the latest game in the market or talk about your gaming schedule. Remember that most fans subscribe to interact with gamers and hear their stories.

Find lots of materials out there and add variety to your streams. A good way to find content to stream is to talk to your community. Ask them what they want to see you streaming sometimes. Listen to their complaints and improve on those areas also.

Be Consistent

It’s more difficult to be a consistent gambler than to be a streamer. With gambling, you lose money a lot—and this can demoralizing. On the other hand, the only reason you can’t be a consistent streamer is if you are not serious about it.

You could become a procrastinator, lazy or prioritize other things over your gaming work. But whatever your flaws, these are all things you can change. Successful live dealer players are not only consistent players but they also work on their flaws.

Flaws with casino players include such things as being impatient, being poor time or bankroll managers or getting distracted by dealers. If they can overcome these issues plus losses to play their games consistently, you can do the same as a streamer.

To Conclusion

Everyone wants the success that comes with being a top streamer. Not everyone is willing to put in the hard work and succeed. Learn from live dealer online casino players. While they have strategies that help increase their wins, they lose at times. They don’t give up though.

The best live casino players work on their flaws, build a community around their streams and work hard until they’re successful.

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