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Will Gamers Make the Jump to Online Casino Games News 0

News 0 At present, there are approximately 2.34 billion gamers in the world and their number is expected to rise to over 2.72 billion by 2021. Most gamers prefer traditional games like PC RPG or console FPS. However, there is another category of games that has started to appeal to an increasing number of traditional gamers: the […]

Three Ways Online Gambling Will Change in the Future News 0

News 0 The future of gambling relies heavily on the innovations of technology. That has been highlighted by the fact that the sector has increased in popularity, and price since the advancements allowed for gambling apps, and up to date information in sports betting. All companies keep an eye on advancements that are being made, and they […]

Will We Ever See Casino Operators Like Mr. Green Hosting Multiplayer Games? News 0

News 0 A 3D avatar to represent you, a virtual casino full of people, realistic graphics and 24/7 technical support—isn’t that something online casino players would be interested in? Even though gamblers care mostly about the money, they would appreciate such platforms. So, why aren’t billion-dollar casinos brands like Mr. Green working on MMOs? Will multiplayer games […]

Casino Games That Gamers Would Love News 0

News 0 Real Gamers Love These Classic and Modern Casino Games When it comes to gaming in the general sense, there are certain elements that can be found throughout various genres and sub-genres. Modern gamers can find things like elements of luck, strategy and skill in their favorites just depending on their own personal dispositions, but you […]

Is Virtual Reality Still the Next Big Thing in Gaming? News 1

News 1 Investors often look towards technology when looking for the next big investment opportunity. Getting a tech investment right can reap huge rewards, but identifying which technology will go global is not easy. The benefit of hindsight With hindsight, everyone would have made an investment in the social media platforms that we all use today, but […]

Microgaming New Release: Next-Generation Roulette News 1

News 1 Post sponsored by Microgaming In November 2018, Microgaming, one of the top-rated software providers operating in the field of casino games, entered into a contract with Switch Studios. Now, the company announced the launch of their new exclusive roulette that was exhibited for the first time in November at Malta’s SIGMA event.This roulette will be […]

Top RPG Games for Low-End PCs News 1

News 1 Written by Roy Emerson Sponsored post by It Rate If your PC has stopped coping with new demanding video games, and you still want to play, it is worth paying attention to time-tested RPG games for low-end PCs. Especially since most of them, although can’t boast good graphics, still are quality games that are not […]

Why is Online Roulette So Popular Among Gamblers News 0

News 0 Sponsored post by CasinoHex Online Gambling is one of the most popular industries around the world in which people love to play their favorite Casino games. Roulette is one of those big games which is incredibly popular among the vast mass of online players, you can never walk through any casino without noticing the fuzz […]

KYC Procedure in Online Casinos News 0

News 0 Sponsored post by CasinoHex The gaming and gambling world hasn’t stopped to improve since its growth in the 1990s. Apart from the various innovations frequently appear in the online casinos, the gambling industry has to find any means necessary to reign transparency and fairness within this sector. As the casinos are always subject to financial […]

Here Are the Five Things You Should Know If You’re a Newcomer in an Online Casino News 0

News 0 Sponsored post by OnlineCasinoHex What do you feel when you first enter the casino website? Are you excited to rush into the gambling world and winning tons of prizes and bonuses? Are you afraid of losing the battle? Or you may be overconfident about your success. Whatever you feel, I have something for you. Here […]

Are There Casino Multiplayer Games News 0

News 0 Online multiplayer games are the future of gaming. While this does not necessarily mean the end of single-player games, it’s easy to tell which option developers favor. Last year, Call of Duty released Black Ops as a multiplayer only gaming, ending its tradition of including single-player modes. Several other video games have since launched as […]

How to Make Money From CS:GO News 0

News 0 Believe it or not, Counter: Strike-Global Offensive is one of the largest FPS is out there in the market. You will easily be able to play the game to win some money. There are different ways to get paid when you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some of the best methods to make money from it […]

How to Play and Win Online Without Any Effort News 0

News 0 Sponsored by EvenBetGaming If you are a competitive personality that has a passion for winning and testing the destiny, then you will definitely like slot games. Nowadays, being connected to the Internet from any corner of the world suffices to enter an online casino game and win some money. You do not need to go […]

What EA Sports Games Need to Become Legitimate eSports News 0

News 0 The world of eSports has taken off over the last five years to the point where its potential and entertainment value has reached the mainstream. The industry has been built around balanced games of skill that often feature teams. Many people would expect the ever-popular licensed sports titles from Electronic Arts – FIFA, NHL, Madden […]

How Technology Has Revolutionized Video Games News 0

News 0 Video gaming has and always will be one of the most lucrative industries, both online and offline. The niche dominates the online market, especially since social video gaming became popular. Now almost everyone is part of this fun past time, and even grandma is asking for cheats to get to the next level. And while […]

How to Make a Browser-Based Multiplayer Online Game News 0

News 0 For beginner game developers, creating browser-based games can be a great way to get your foot into the game industry, and offer a potentially lucrative hobby. There’s quite a few ways to monetize browser games, which we’ll touch on later in this article. Unlike the AAA game industry, simple browser games fare much better than […]

Speculation: Dying Light 2 Hardware Requirement News 0

News 0 Dying Light, which is an open-world survival-horror video game, provided spectacular gameplay and was widely appreciated for its concepts. This year, Techland is coming up with its sequel Dying Light 2 and it is one of the most anticipated games of the year 2019. The gameplay trailer of the game sparkled the eyes of gamers, […]

Guide to Using a VPN for Video Games News 1

News 1 Sponsored post by VPNPro Playing games used to be so innocent. All you needed was a console and joypad, and there were no worries about geo-blockers, DDoS attacks, latency drops, or ISP throttling. However, that’s all changed. Modern gaming is heavily internet-based, and all of the listed nasties are now on the scene. But help […]

Top 10 Female Characters in Multiplayer Games News 0

News 0 Sponsored Post Lots of games nowadays have female characters as the main protagonists. This is a very smart move, considering that the majority of the videogame fans out there are men, so using a well-designed, charismatic, and attractive character is a win-win scenario.  In fact, attractive girls are unlikely to leave our screens; they sell their products, and they […]

What’s New in the Online Gaming Industry in 2019? News 0

News 0 New innovations are introduced to the online gaming space so frequently that it’s impossible to keep up with all of them. From Belgium banning loot boxes last year to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 not including a single-player mode, a lot has changed in the gaming scene coming into 2019. Here are some of […]

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