How to Play Free Multiplayer Social Games on the Web?

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Games such as poker or bingo have a really long tradition and have been a part of our society long before the Internet was invented. Poker has been a favorite card game of millions of players worldwide, as it was a great reason for friends to get together and have fun. In fact, both poker and bingo are very social games, meaning that we like to play them because we get to hand out and even meet new people. 

That being said, it is only logical that both should be available in multiplayer on the web. In other words, playing either poker or bingo against the machine can make you feel a bit bored. We all seek that “social” part of these games.

Why Should You Play Social Poker or Bingo?

It’s quite evident that the gaming industry has been one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the world, with games such as LoL or World of Warcraft having millions of players. However, people sometimes don’t like to immerse themselves into other worlds, quests, magic, and more, and want an alternative where they could take a rest from all those PC and console games, and this is a perfect time for playing games such as poker or bingo. In fact, this article states that online poker is one of the games you should definitely play if you haven’t tried it so far.

How to Play Online Social Poker?

Playing online poker is not that different from playing poker in Vegas. Although you don’t get to see opponents’ faces, there is still room for bluffing, applying poker strategies, and other maneuvers that can help you win in this game. 

Rules of online poker are, therefore, not different at all from rules of poker you would play with your friends. You just have to take into account that there are several types of poker and each is a tad different from the other, so you need to choose one and try to play it as good as possible. In other words, try focusing on one type of poker and learning as much as possible about it before you start learning more about others.

If you are new to online poker, you should definitely start with Texas Hold’em which is one of the most widespread variants of this game. Once you get tired of it, you could explore games such as 5 Omaha, 5-Card Stud, and more.

Poker is, above all, a game of skill, so make sure to learn the ropes of some poker strategies that could help you upgrade your game and start winning tournaments. Some professional poker players who make a living playing poker started small and took baby steps, so why wouldn’t you?

How to Play Social Bingo Online?

Bingo has always been one of those games that people fall in love with as soon as they start playing it. Unlike poker, which is a game of tactics and strategies, bingo is a game of mere chance, meaning that you need some luck in order to have success.

The main reasons why the popularity of online bingo platforms like Bingo Blitz has been rapidly growing is that people on the web find it relaxing. Bingo is relatively slow-paced and simple to understand. It is similar to the lottery, as all you have to do is wait for the right numbers to come so that you can get a “bingo.” Rounds are relatively short as they have timeframes that must be respected.

Online bingo features the so-called bingo rooms where you can chat with people and meet new friends, which is yet another reason for people to play this game. We have the innate need to play games with other people, and bingo rooms present a perfect opportunity for that.


To sum up, you don’t need a new console or a super-expensive PC gear in order to enjoy playing games with other people. Sometimes, all it takes is a mouse, keyboard, and Internet connection. Once you have these three, you can start exploring various games on the web. Free online poker and bingo games are currently the primary choices of millions of people around the world as they are not only straightforward but also quite relaxing and entertaining.