EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Overview

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If you’re like the average computer user (and let’s face it, you probably are), you don’t back up your data. And like with every other precautionary measure, most of us only realize the importance of backing up our important data once we’ve lost it, learning our lesson the hard way. Tragic, isn’t it?

Still, that doesn’t alter the fact that the data that was lost was quite important and you would prefer to have it returned to you. In that case, your best bet would be a data recovery software, and there isn’t a better option than EaseUS data recovery software.

Simple problems the software can solve

Accidental deletions happen all the time, whether you carelessly press SHIFT + DELETE, empty the Recycle Bin without checking for any important files, or accidentally formatting a hard drive/removable media (USB, SD cards, etc.). However, recovering data with EaseUS data recovery is just a snap. As long as the media wasn’t overwritten with new data, the old data can still be easily recovered, even if you ran into some formatting issues along the way, like lost partitions or drives.

Still, recover formatted hard drive is only a simple problem that any other data recovery software can solve. What makes EaseUS so special?

Tougher problems the software can handle

While accidentally deleted data is easy to recover, it becomes harder to access that data if it was maliciously corrupted, which is often the case in a virus attack. You might also have the unfortunate experience of being unable to access your data because of a corrupted hard drive, something which can happen due to a hard-to-reverse hardware malfunction.

Another factor that can complicate matters is if your operating system crashes, requiring you to reinstall it from the ground up and lose a lot of precious data in the process. Most data recovery tools aren’t able to retrieve data in these circumstances, but EaseUS data recovery software guarantees results even in these adverse conditions.

A performance analysis

If it’s the speed you’re looking for; you won’t find a software faster than this one on the market. EaseUS data recovery’s Quick Scan mode only needs around 5 minutes to quickly scan through the hard drive and find all instances of data that was lost from it, and only a few additional minutes to restore it to the storage device of your choice.

However, if the Quick Scan doesn’t bring up your desired file, then the slower but more thorough Deep Scan will surely get the job done. Even with the Deep Scan being a little slower than the Quick Scan, the software is still faster and more thorough in its job than all its competitors on the market.


Now, the EaseUS data recovery tool isn’t free, but then again, most competent products aren’t. You CAN, however, get a free trial and recover up to 2 GB of data free of cost if you want to try the software out. Try and see for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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