Will Gamers Make the Jump to Online Casino Games

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At present, there are approximately 2.34 billion gamers in the world and their number is expected to rise to over 2.72 billion by 2021. Most gamers prefer traditional games like PC RPG or console FPS. However, there is another category of games that has started to appeal to an increasing number of traditional gamers: the category of online casino games.

The online casino games of today look completely different than what they were a couple of decades ago a lot of the games that exist today include numerous elements that can also be found in traditional video games. For these reasons, the experts from www.supercasinosites.com believe that traditional gamers might begin to play online casino games in order to experience new gaming realms.


Which Casino Games Might Appeal to Video Gamers?


As mentioned already, many games that exist today feature elements from traditional video games, which makes them more immersive than ever before. Online slots, in particular, include numerous video gaming elements, including leaderboards, which can be amusing to any traditional gamer. Further, more and more iGaming software providers have started using video gaming technologies like virtual reality headsets, which further gamifies casino games. This guide to live dealer games will help you to understand the basic rules with ease.

Another thing to note is that developers are using more and more themes from traditional video games. For example, games like Agent Jane Blonde are packed with intense spy actions, while Immortal Romance provides a narrative punch, which might appeal to players who like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.


Online Casinos Make Gaming Easier


It is not just the game themes and elements that entice traditional casino players. Apart from that, traditional gamers like the bonuses offered at online casinos, as they allow them to try out different casino games.

Many traditional gamers do not know how to play online casino games, so no deposit bonuses and free spins can be useful to them as they allow gamers to better understand how casino games work. Once players have understood that, they will be better able to make a decision.


Gambling Elements Already Exist in Traditional Video Games


A final factor that might push gamers to online casino gambling is that gambling elements can also be found in traditional video games, too. For example, many video games feature the so-called loot boxes, which are thought to entice gamers to gamble.

Simply put, loot boxes are consumable items which contain an in-game product, either a customisation option for a player’s character or weapon, or a weapon or armour. To get a loot box, players are required to pay a given sum of money. What is more, it is not possible to choose what your loot box contains; what you get is decided by the so-called random number generator (RNG) systems, the same ones used by online casino operators.

Loot boxes have received mixed reviews over the years. To many, they are used to make players invest in games as well as to promote gambling activities among traditional video gamers. Critics claim that loot boxes are used as “pay-to-win” systems, and some even regard them as “pay-to-loot” systems.

It should be noted that not all loot boxes are alike. For example, some video game developers used to put items in their loot boxes that are vital for the game development, thus requiring anyone who wants to continue playing to purchase a loot box. On top of that, many developers made the opening of loot boxes incredibly flamboyant; in some games, the opening of loot boxes looks largely the same as winning a big jackpot on a casino game. According to the latest news from the casino industry, several European states have decided to ban the use of loot boxes in video games, and some states have even promised to sanction the game developers that do not comply with the rules.

Whether loot boxes are a form of gambling or not, they are used on a massive scale by many video gamers. As gamers like loot boxes, experts say, they will undoubtedly like casino games as well.