The Evolution of Game Technology and Its Impact on the Market

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With technological innovation growing, various industries have emerged to become an integral part of our reality. As is the case with the film, TV, radio, games, entertainment, communication, and many other industries. Since their inception, these industries have undergone many modifications and are constantly changing and developing.

One of the fastest growing and most developed industries in recent years that has completely changed the landscape of personal and professional entertainment is the gaming industry. This industry has developed so much that it already makes and moves more money globally than the movie industry. This is also why it is interesting to see how this industry started and developed.

It was with Atari and ZX Spectrum that this industry emerged and since then several milestones have emerged not only with games but also with consoles like Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and most recent and most successful are Microsoft’s X-Box and Sony PlayStation. Here development is natural and gradual and corresponding to advances in technology as in personal computers. Where the big change exists and in fact becomes noticeable is in games produced from the start where simple puzzles or 2-dimensional graphics have moved into 3D with a realism that blends with reality in many cases. Games like FIFA, PES, NBA 2K, GTA, The Witcher 3, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, etc. They are proof that many of your graphics have already matched actual or could be real images, and some cases of real city maps are becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference.

The addition of new equipment improvements and the creation of other specific equipment for this purpose made this industry unstoppable. In addition to the consoles themselves, televisions have also developed considerably, contributing greatly to this process and sense of realism. First with the appearance of the LCD, followed by 3D technology, and more recently with 4K or ultra HD TVs that make images even more realistic. Other gaming aids or gamers are also very important to the sense of realism where consoles like the Wii pioneered a system of interactivity unlike anything the consoles had before.


What happens in the world of videogames more or less influences the world of online casinos. Basically, the two worlds are not much different and they only differ from a few aspects, of course the existence of bets is one of the main ones. Today we can have a variety of online casino options that apply the same perfect graphic design as is commonly found in the latest games, one of which is Casinos X.

It is safe to say that with all these evolutions and milestones, the gaming industry has become one of the most important and profitable in the world and is something that will be even more noticeable. The growth of mobile gaming, wireless technology and virtual reality are beginning to gain in importance and considerable investment, which will make this industry unmatched and increasingly realistic. We can only wait to be fascinated with this new reality.