Games in Social Media: New Trend In iGaming Sphere

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Online gambling becomes a leading means of entertainment. It seems to be refreshment from a boring life and usual things. Online gaming appears in various shapes and forms and attracts new users on a regular basis. With the advancement of technology, online gambling gained additional space in the market. Social networks have also contributed to the overall growth of online betting sphere. Now you can find favorite games on social media platforms or download the progressive app.

Social casino – the notion

Social gaming has only become popular with the emergence of social media and mobile apps. A social casino is a place with casino games available via social networks. Casino developers regularly provide games for social platforms where players connect via social media profiles. 

One of the wide-spread platforms today is Facebook. Only on this platform users can find loads of free games and enjoy anytime and anyplace. Some of the available chances are slots, poker, table games, bingo and scratch cards.

Reasons to use social gaming

There are many reasons to enjoy social online casino websites. Some of the most important are:

  • Accessibility via different devices – Online gamblers prefer flexible platforms which could be accessed anytime and anyplace. Users take advantage of mobile gaming available via Android and iOS platforms. The only necessary thing is a stable internet connection and you can choose from various social games.
  • Chatting option – Casino players like chatting with other players. Not only users play favorite games, but they also communicate with friends and share their experiences. The latest games are regularly added on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Free gaming – Social gaming is very approachable today. There is a selection of free casino games to choose from. On the leading platforms, you can find games both for beginners and pro players. Free gaming sites allow players to test different games and learn the necessary skills. Now you can practice as much as you want and learn the basics of the game before starting to play for money in the real PayPal casino that you’ve always wanted to visit. As soon as you are ready for the real money version, there is a chance for better winnings.
  • Selection of games – Social casinos offer a variety of available games. We can only mention the most known like slots, poker, and table games. Take advantage of modern slot machines which are available on almost all social websites.

Social casinos availability

As we already said, social casinos emerge via social media without need to install the games on PC. The games are also available from different devices with an internet connection. Unlike real cash sites, social casinos allow gamers to test favorite options and learn gaming skills without risking money. While there are many free games to choose from, there is also a purchase-in option for certain casino games. Social gaming operators can really profit from this activity.

Real money casinos

Real money casinos are more than popular today. Players who choose real money spots should make the deposit to start the game. However, real cash platforms provide a selection of casino chances and players can choose some of them. Compared to social casinos, real money platforms are available from any place you are.

Another advantage of real money casinos is bonus option. Players who visit these sites can enjoy various bonuses and rewarding programs. Online casinos for real money are mainly regulated and licensed sites. However, some of them operate illegally and cheat customers. It can result in data privacy issues, money theft and similar. To prevent possible fraud, you should always check the legality of the site.


The social casino industry is available for all people around the world. Today we have many active players both women and men. According to the research, about 14% of gamers who play from work, spend more than an hour (per day) on social gaming. The male population appears to be more present at popular social platforms. Social gamers are usually aged 39; female players make 46% of all users while men come with 54%.

As for the reasons for social gaming activity, both women and men reported stress relief and relaxation. Some of them also mentioned mental stimulation which online casinos offer. Last but not least, players emphasized social interaction with other users. It allows them to share the excitement with family, friends and other players.

It is more than obvious that social gaming rises in popularity. With further technological advancement and better accessibility, we can expect more gaming chances.

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