Best Single-Player Games on Steam

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The gaming platform offers over 23,000 titles, which makes it your ultimate destination for the most fascinating digital battles. In addition to the wide choice, the installation on multiple devices and automatic updates are also available. Overall, Steam is pure gaming heaven. 

There is one drawback, however — the abundance of choice. With so many adventures to choose from, a user may feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, Steam visitors need a little guidance. Check out some of the best cheap Steam games and read about top ones three. There is a battle for every taste and budget. If you are into single-player adventures, the following three will impress you. 

  1. What Remains of Edith Finch

If you are looking for a compact but enthralling narrative, this game is for you. Here, failing is simply impossible, and the adventure takes 3 hours at most. You find yourself exploring your childhood home as the character Edith Finch. The items are remnants of the past, telling fascinating stories of each family member’s demise. 

The concept may sound boring or dismal, but it is touching rather than gloomy. You are bound to appreciate the enchanting ambiance and the realism of this magical journey into the past. After all, this indie title was awarded BAFTA as “Best Game” for a good reason. 

  1. Into the Breach

This game is the brainchild of the same team that previously gave us Faster than Light. It is a sci-fi strategy set in the aftermath of an alien invasion — nothing groundbreaking here. Your mission is to guide teams of mechs that have arrived from the future to reverse the course of events. 

The battlefield is an 8×8 grid, and your warriors take turns to prevent the intruders from decimating too many of the outposts and buildings. The gaming experience, therefore, bears some resemblance to a chess match, and the mechs can be upgraded for better odds of victory. 

Each of the four islands in this fantasy environment has its special features. Difficulty keeps gradually rising, eventually culminating in the final standoff. The game will constantly remind you of the cost of your past decisions, as the power indicator shows how much you have lost since the start of the experience. 

  1. Surviving Mars

The game is reminiscent of Sim City and the Martian movie starring Matt Damon. As the single player, you will be tasked with arranging a base on a barren patch of the Red Planet. Next, you have to make sure it is running properly to let your fellow colonists survive. This mission is more challenging than it may seem. 

Failure to manage the limited resources properly will result in a deadly chain reaction. Once “a colonist has died” message is heard, your comrades start dying one after another, which leaves very little time for repairs. The atmosphere and the survivalist narrative make the experience very compelling. 

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4 years ago

Only 3 games on the list? Lazy journalism on your part. 23000 games on steam and you could only list 3 ffs ???

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