Evil Controllers Interview – Developing Custom Controllers for Next-Gen

With more and more players jumping into online shooters, some gamers might want to have a bit of an advantage without resorting to cheats, and that’s where controllers with back buttons/paddles come in! In this Evil Controller interivew, MP1st talks with Adam Coe, founder of Evil Controllers about custom controllers, why we didn’t see back buttons default on next-gen controllers and more.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers and what Evil Controllers does in the gaming space?

My name is Adam Coe and I am the Founder and CEO of Evil Controllers. Our gaming controllers are customizable with enhancements designed to improve your gaming experience. Within our controller creator, gamers can customize nearly every aspect of their controllers performance and looks. Featuring eSports enhancements such as reassignable paddles or buttons, these ergonomically located inputs allow you to maintain thumbstick control. Additional features like our Tactile Triggers, Shoulders, and Buttons are designed to initiate with less than 1mm of travel distance, increasing reaction time significantly. Additionally, you can highly customize your controllers aesthetics with a range of colors and printing options, such as adding your own name to your controller.

Why do you think Sony didn’t add paddles or back buttons to the DualSense by default? Is it to protect third-party controller makers?

AC: I believe additional inputs were not added to the controller because not all gamers prefer a competitively designed controller. With a lot of casual gamers out there, I think it’s best to provide a platform that works for everyone and can be further enhanced for competitive gaming.

Has Sony talked or discussed controller options and whatnot with manufacturers like Evil?

AC: While we have had discussions with Sony, we primarily were focused on Accessible Gaming and how we could offer more products for gamers. Accessible gaming requires extensive controller modifications and the ability to adapt to all types of physical limitations, so naturally they reached out to us. We hope to bring accessible gaming more mainstream and the PS5 is a great platform to do so.

Why do you think the official PlayStation back button attachment wasn’t made to be compatible with the DualSense?

AC: I believe the ergonomics of the housing are not identical and it would require an entirely new product. Being that the product itself had a short testing period with PS4, perhaps they’ll bring out a new design for the PS5.

What challenges has Evil encountered so far when integrating back buttons on the DaulSense?

AC: Our biggest challenge is the length of time it takes to develop a new product, especially without getting the controllers prior to launch date. Since we have to wait, it puts pressure on the time factor.

Does Evil have plans to release PSVR-related peripherals?

AC: If the demand is there, we’d be happy to offer customization to virtual reality peripherals.

Has Evil considered releasing a Xbox/PS controller hybrid of sorts that will work on both consoles?

AC: We primarily focus on the controller itself and how to improve it, rather than creating a cross platform compatible device which has different technical challenges. I wouldn’t rule it out, but it isn’t on our radar for now.

Have you ever thought of making a backbutton attachment of your own for the DualSense?

AC: We’ve thought of all types of different concepts but who knows, we may have one in the future.

Is the controller and videogame peripheral market big enough now that there are Evil, SCUF and other controller makers out there?

AC: Absolutely, the market continues to grow daily and with the increase in gaming during 2020, I expect gaming to only continue to grow.

What other products can gamers expect from Evil in the future?

AC: Gamers can expect us to continue to advance the controllers capabilities and provide the best gaming experience possible. With that, we plan to create products that make a larger impact on accessible gaming so that we can bring gaming to all, regardless of abilities.

We’d like to thank Adam for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to MP1st. You can check out Evil’s lineup of modded controllers here,

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