Evil Dead The Game Down and Experiencing Server Issues This May 13

With Evil Dead: The Game out today, players are no doubt trying to get some groovy time in the multiplayer game. Unfortunately, Evil Dead The Game down reports have surfaced this May 13, which means loads of people cannot connect to servers and play the online title.

Evil Dead The Game Down Status and Update This May 13:

Unfortunately, it sems loads of people cannot connect to the servers, while others are managing to get in. Our own James Lara is having a hard time connecting to the servers today.

Saber Interactive has not mentioned anything about it for now, but we’ll update the post if they do acknowledge the server issues.

Our review of the game is in progress, and given the server issues, don’t expect it to be out today or tomorrow, as we want to give it a proper playthrough before handing our verdict.

If you can connect (or can’t), leave a comment below and tell us which platform you’re playing on.

Alex Co

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Eddiee Crum
2 years ago

Im on xbox one and it keeps saying im too early whats going on it won’t even start up

Reply to  Eddiee Crum
2 years ago

Try restarting your stuff and refreshing your licensing

2 years ago

PC via Epic says I need to be online to use the feature even though I am online.

savana purdy
2 years ago

on ps4 i can get into multiplayer lobbies with no issue but i get stuck on the loading screen and it wont load past a certain point

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