Evolve “Big Alpha” Now Unlocked on Xbox One, Watch The MP1st Live Stream Tonight

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Evolve’s Big Alpha has officially unlocked for users on the Xbox One on this fine Thursday morning of October 30.

The Alpha provides a taste of Turtle Rock Studio’s 4v1 first-person shooter with offerings of one map, Distillery, and a handful of Hunters and Monsters that can be unlocked through progression. If you’re on Xbox One and received a download code either through the Alpha’s sign up process, through pre-ordering, or through your membership in Xbox One’s Update Preview Program, you can start playing it today.

If you find yourself having to hang tight until tomorrow, you can always drop by our live stream later tonight. MP1st be streaming Evolve’s Big Alpha on our Twitch channel starting at around 3:00PM PST / 6:00PM EST. You can also keep an eye on our official Twitter to be notified when we start. See you there!

Evolve’s Big Alpha unlocks for PlayStation 4 and PC user tomorrow, October 30. PC users who participated in the previous Evolve Alpha are automatically admitted to the Big Alpha and may begin pre-loading as of this writing.