Evolve To Feature Better Character Development Than Left 4 Dead

When Turtle Rock started development on Evolve, a main area that the studio really wanted to improve on was character development, says executive producer Denby Grace.

In Left 4 Dead, characters were only ever developed through voice overs. Turtle Rock hopes to fix this with their next-gen first-person asymmetrical shooter, Evolve.

“The hunters in Evolve are specifically characterised, in their looks and their VO, but now they each have unique items and weaponry,” Grace recently told Edge Online. “When you’re selecting a character, you’re selecting that character based not just on who they are but also their abilities and what they can do, and we hope that people find that sort of match.”

Despite sharing similar design characteristics to L4D, Evolve appears to be moving away from the whole shoot-and-spray-hoards-of-enemies ideology and is instead leaning towards a more tactical, team-based approach.

If you missed it, be sure to check out Evolve’s first gameplay footage right here.

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