Evolve Hunters – Meet the Medic Class

Meet Val of the Medic class, the latest Hunter to join Evolve’s cast of characters who’ll be taking on the mighty Goliath and other monsters like it.

Over the last week, we were introduced to Markov of the Assault class, Griffin of the Trapper class, and Hank of the Support class.

Today, GameInformer introduces one of the characters available to the Medic class, Val.

She’s a badass, Medgun-wielding Medic who can revive and heal fellow Hunters with ease in an effect similar to that of the Medic’s healing tool in Team Fortress 2, for reference.

Her capabilities go beyond simply healing, however. Val also carries an Anti-Material Rifle that can be used to highlight and expose enemy weak points. When other Hunters fire at limbs highlighted by Val’s rifle, they’ll score extra damage, which can be especially devastating when aiming at the head.

In addition, her Tranquillizer Rifle can slow enemies while highlighting their position, similar to the Trapper’s abilities.

Lastly, every Medic is equipped with a Healing Burst that will partially but instantaneously heal teammates within its effective radius.

Ultimately, Medic players will need to balance their tactics between keeping everyone’s health topped off and highlighting or slowing down Monsters.

Of all the classes revealed so far, which one holds your interest the most? Let us know in the comments!




Via, GameInformer.

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