Evzen Peripheral Maker Dissects DualSense to Develop PS5 Paddle Controller

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With the PS5’s release fast approaching, third-party peripheral makers are hard at work in providing alternative accessories for gamers. For those looking for PS5 paddle controllers, one company is already working on it, and they are Evzen.

On Evzen’s social media accounts, the company announced that they are studying the DualSense controller in order to make paddles for it.

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Evzen Custom Style and Durable Paddles! We’re studying the Dualsense and it’s remarkable the difference of the new generation! The new control has a much more elaborate structure. It’s a masterpiece of engineering! In addition to sophistication, elegance and beauty, we believe the shell was highly reinforced to support the new vibrator system, and also, the adaptive triggers. In this new concept, the accessory won even more pieces, making our customization receive infinite possibilities! Sony has outdone ifself! We haven’t seen such a huge jump in the controls segment in years! Our hats, palms and merits to this brand that expands and evolves with each launch! Allied to the excellent original project, the Evzen Team proposes a unique and differentiated concept with a lot of durability and comfort DC! We add value and results for your games, in a personalized way. What is good, can always get even better. . . . #ps5 #evzen #playstation #controller

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Not only that, but the company also showed of a dissected DualSense controller too! Check out the images in the gallery below.

Of course, it shouldn’t take long for companies like SCUF, Evil Controllers and the like to have PS5 paddle controllers or bumpers available in the market. For those not aware of these controllers, they are tournament-approved, and are also used by pro players since it lets you jump, crouch and more without lifting both thumbs from the analog sticks.

For Xbox Series X, new paddle controllers won’t be a problem as the Xbox One controllers (and the Elite Controller) will work with the Xbox Series X and S.

In other PS5 news, skin grip thumbsticks for the PS5 are also on the way, and here’s our first look.