Skin Grip Thumbsticks for PS5 Controller Revealed on Skull & Co. PS4 Product Page

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If you play shooters a lot, or just want higher than usual analog sticks, chances are you’ve used thunbstick skins/extenders that give added reach to your fingers. Given we’re about a month away from the PS5’s launch, it looks like third-party products for it are making its way out, and this includes skin grip thumbsticks for the PS5 controller, the DualSense.

Grip thumbstick maker Skull & Co. has posted an image of a black DualSense controller featuring the thumbgrips on the PS4 thumbgrips page.

While Sony hasn’t confirmed it outright, we are assuming that the DualSense and DualShock 4 thumbsticks are the same, so these grips should slide over as easily as it did for the DualShock. We should be hearing more third-party items for the PS5 (and Xbox Series X) make its way out as we approach each console’s release this November.

In other PS5 news, new hands-on impressions of the next-gen console has revealed more details! Early reports state that the fan is super quiet, which should please PS4 owners.