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Official PS5 Box Art Revealed News 0

News 0 While we posted some amazing fan-made PS5 box art concepts back in April, Sony has today revealed the official PS5 box art. If you’re looking for a big departure from how games looked like from the PS4, well, you’ll be disappointed (or happy) to see what it looks like for next-gen. Over on the PlayStation […]

Next-Gen Game Prices Possibly Rising: How It Might Affect You and the Industry News 6

News 6 On the cusp of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, there’s been endless debate on what’s most important with “next-gen.” Is it faster load times? Better graphics? The increase in overall raw technical power that can soon rival a PC? While all pretty good answers, 2K announcing that NBA 2K21 will cost $69.99 on next-gen systems […]

EA Next-Gen Sizzle Reel Shows Projects From DICE, Bioware, and Other Studios News 1

News 1 As part of the EA Play show, EA showcased a short EA next-gen sizzle reel teasing what the publisher’s studios are doing. We get a brief look at BioWare’s project, and even what seems to be a super tiny next-gen sampling of DICE’s tech for the next Battlefield game where we can see massive battles […]

Sony on PS5 Launch This Year: Video Games Is One of the More “Recession-Proof” Businesses News 1

News 1 With the whole world going through the COVID-19 pandemic that not only has affected people’s health, but has affected the economy on a global scale unseen by anyone in modern times. While that might be happening currently, that hasn’t stopped Sony from releasing the PS5 later this year. Speaking to Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) […]

Sony on PS5 Design: We’ve Been Successful in Designing Consoles That Grace Living Rooms News 3

News 3 Just last week, Sony rocked the gaming world when it finally unveiled the PS5 design for the first time. Odds are, given how off-beat the console’s design is, it’s not something everyone will like since it doesn’t follow the conventional design of how consoles look like. Speaking to Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President Jim […]

PS5 Console Design Revealed News 10

News 10 As part of Sony’s PS5 games showcase, it ended the show not with a big game, but with the PS5 console design reveal! Check it out below. We’ve added an image of the PS5 below: From Sony: At PS5’s launch, we will offer two options: a PlayStation®5 console with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive […]

PS5 Games Reveal Stream – Watch It Unfold Here! News 4

News 4 PlayStation fans, it’s finally here! Sony is set to reveal our first look at next-gen games! Thankfully, there’s a PS5 games reveal stream happening! While the show is pre-recorded, that won’t dampen the excitement for those looking forward to next-gen. The PS5 games reveal stream starts at 1 p.m. PDT/4 p.m. EDT, and will approximately […]

PS5 Games Showcase Event Length Pegged for 2 Hours News 9

News 9 In case you haven’t been keeping up with video game news, Sony is set to start the hype train for its next-gen console the PlaySation 5 (PS5) tomorrow with its first-ever games showcase event. For those wondering how long the event is, Sony themselves peg the PS5 games showcase event length to be at two […]

Sony Patents Tech That Simulates Player Behaviour in Online Games for Early Quitters News 0

News 0 Hate when people rage quit or leave abruptly in online games? It seems Sony is too, as a new Sony patent has surfaced that states that the AI will somehow mimic the player behaviour of the person that quit in online games! Here’s the description from the patent: Multiplayer video games involve multiple players playing […]

Rumor: Amazon UK Lists PS5 Price at £599.99 News 0

News 0 With Sony set to take centerstage tomorrow with the first-ever PS5 games showcase event, some might be wondering whether we’ll see the PS5 price announced as well. While I doubt Sony would do that, a new online retailer has listed it for £599.99! Amazon UK has posted a PS5 2TB bundle at that price today […]

Report: Twitch Ad States PS5 Games Showcase Date Is June 11 (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: Sony has now confirmed that the PS5 games showcase date is set for June 11 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET! Check out the other details below via the PlayStation Blog. Now that the event is confirmed for June 11, I wanted to add that this pre-taped program will be broadcast at 1080p and 30 […]

New Gran Turismo Game Trademarked Just a Few Days Before PS5 Games Showcase News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, a PS5 games showcase was supposed to happen last week, though it was moved due to the protests regarding the George Floyd tragedy. While we don’t know the titles set to be announced at the event, a new Gran Turismo game trademark has surfaced hinting that Polyphony Digital’s next project […]

Microsoft Executive Says Xbox Series X Devs Will Learn to Address PS5 SSD Loading Screen Advantage News 92

News 92 While the Xbox Series X is an amazing piece of tech and is technically better than the PS5, it seems Sony’s next-gen console has one big advantage over Microsoft’s upcoming console, and that’s the SSD (Solid State Drive). Bill Stillwell, Program Manager at Microsoft who is currently on the Hololens project (was working on Xbox […]

PS5 Games Showcase Event Delayed News 0

News 0 The PS5 games showcase event announced for June 4, has been postponed with no new date set. Due to the ongoing events in the United States, Sony has decided to postpone its PS5 event until further notice. Down below you can read the official statement issued by the official PlayStation Twitter account today. […]

Sony Running TV Commercials for PS5 Games Reveal Set for This Week News 2

News 2 In case you didn’t know, Sony has announced that it will feature our first official look at PS5 games this week on June 4. While that in itself is exciting, it seems Sony is drumming up the hype even further by posting actual television commercials for the upcoming digital event! Here’s a clip of the […]

PS5 Production Ramping Up Soon; Sony Not Worried About PS5 Shortages News 0

News 0 The PS5 production has officially started, with the company getting ready to increase it come this summer to help meet the Holiday 2020 demands. It seems that even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Sony isn’t worried about PS5 shortages of any kind. Speaking to Financial Times, president and chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, […]

PS5 Games Showcase Happening on June 4 News 0

News 0 The rumors are true! PlayStation fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here! Sony has announced a PS5 games showcase for June 4 at 1 p.m. PDT/4 p.m. EDT — yes, that’s next week! The digital event will last for “a bit more than an hour,” and will give us our first look […]

Report – PS5 Event Scheduled for Next Week News 0

News 0 While Sony continues its long silence on the matter of the PS5, sources have claimed that the company is planning to host a PS5 event and in just one week’s time. This report comes from both Bloomberg and VentureBeat, who both have sources close to the company saying that the PS5 event is currently set […]

PS+ Will Provide a Smooth Transition Into PS5; Sony to Discuss New Product When Time Is Right News 5

News 5 While Sony isn’t yet ready to discuss the PlayStation 5, the company has in the very least given us some general guidelines as we head into next-gen, expecting their PlayStation Plus service to provide a smooth transition into the PS5 lifecycle.  Early this morning, Sony held it’s quarterly financial earnings call to discuss revenue stream […]

PS5 Holiday 2020 Release Still on Track, No Major Software Problems at This Time News 0

News 0 Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sony Interactive Entertainment has assured fans plans for PS5 Holiday 2020 release are still on schedule, and that the company has yet to be hit by major development problems on the software side of things. In a prepared statement found on this year’s quarterly earnings report, Sony has given this […]

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