PS5 Fan Noise Is Quiet According to Hands-On Impressions

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One of the biggest questions that gamers have been wondering since the PS5 announcement is how quiet is the PS5? Well, apparently very as the PS5 fan noise has been described as surprisingly quiet even if the console itself is huge.

This is all according to Dengeki Online, who posted their hands-on impression of the PS5 this morning. Having played with the console a little over and hour and a half, a big question they had (and many of us) was whether or not the PS5 heat management would be a concern. According to their preview, it wasn’t as the console didn’t feel like it was producing a lot of heat after playing titles such as Godfall and Astrobots. They described being surprised by the PS5 fan noise as it was “really quiet”.

In another preview published by AV Watch, an editor noted that he had to put his ears against the PS5 to even notice if there was any kind of fan noise coming out of it.

“I didn’t really focus on “fan sound only” in a strict environment. However, the editor-in-chief of this magazine, who accompanied me for shooting this time, also commented, “Even if you put your ears close to the back of the body, it only sounds like’Oh, fans are turning around’.” Therefore, subjectively, the impression that “it has become much quieter” is not a mistake.”

According to 4Gamer, the closed environment that they were invited to operated at  30°C/85° F, which is warmer than most average playing environments. They too stated, that despite the console being at assumingly a higher temperature, the fan noise was hardly heard.

While not every user experienced this, the PS4 fans were extremely loud for some, even during some non-demanding titles. A big annoyance for many as they would need to turn their sets up in order to try and drown out the fan noise. This issue was mostly seen in consoles that had a bad application of the thermal paste, with may reporting their fan issue being resolved after removing and reapplying it on their consoles.

Of course with this being in a closed environment, we can’t be certain that these consoles will function the same once they have been massed produced and distributed to the public. Still, these early impressions are a good sign of what is hopefully to come.