Ex-Capcom Dev Reveals Vega Was Top-Tier Before Final Build of Street Fighter IV

It should come at no surprise that Vega, or commonly known as “Claw” to Street Fighter aficionados, that his place in the Street Fighter IV series is widely considered to be low-tier amongst the numerous fighting gaming communities.

However, there was a time before the release of the vanilla version of Street Fighter IV that he was, in fact, considered among the top-tier in the game, according to ex- Capcom community manager, Seth Killian.

He goes on to say that Vega was in fact the number one character in the game before the official release of Street Fighter IV back in 2008. Although Killian doesn’t go into detail on what made Vega a top character, he does reveal that a few frames on any character is the difference between being considered either low- or high-tier.

This reveal comes shortly after Pie Zeus, primarily a Vega player, winning the first major tournament of 2014 Defend The North, which took place this past weekend.

Any Vega players out there disappointed in the last-minute changes made on the character?

Via, Eventhubs.

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