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Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition Packages Revealed News 0

News 0 Resident Evil fans who were looking forward to the RE Showcase event Capcom held got bombshell announcements for Resident Evil Village, as the game got a new trailer, gameplay footage, and was confirmed for a May 7, 2021 release for all platforms — including the PS4 and Xbox One. Thanks to DualShockers, we now have […]

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Update 1.08 (Gold Edition 1.03) Released News 0

News 0 While it’s been a rather busy day for Resident Evil fans with the gameplay reveal of Resident Evil Village, Capcom has also rolled out a Resident Evil 7 biohazard update 1.08 for PS4 and Xbox One. Note that for those with the Gold Edition, this will show up as Resident Evil 7 update 1.03! Clocking […]

The Division 2 Holds Resident Evil 25-Year Anniversary Crossover Event This February News 0

News 0 Prepare to gear up and dress as your favorite characters from the world of Resident Evil, as Ubisoft teams up with Capcom to present some RE themed apparel in The Division 2 this February — which was announced during the RE Showcase event and honors 25 years of RE! Check out the trailer right here. […]

Resident Evil Re:Verse Trailer Features Familiar Faces Fighting, Free Access With RE Village Purchase News 1

News 1 With Resident Evil Re:Verse’s existence leaked earlier today, Capcom showcased a video featuring the new game/mode and it’s quite different from what people are expecting. Nope, it doesn’t look like a multiplayer portion for Resident Evil Village but something else entirely. Check out the Resident Evil Re:Verse trailer below. Check out our first-ever gameplay look […]

Resident Evil Village Release Date Set for May 7, New Trailer Crawls Out & PS4/XB1 Versions Confirmed News 0

News 0 During Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase event, Capcom has released a new Resident Evil Village trailer, which is different from our first-ever gameplay look set to come later in the show. Not only that, but we also got the most important info of all and that’s the Resident Evil Village release date which is set for […]

Resident Evil Showcase Livestream – Watch the Horror Unfold Here News 0

News 0 Horror fans, Capcom is here to bring you our first fright-filled digital event of the year! Announced earlier this month, Capcom is hosting the Resident Evil Showcase livestream today! Prepare for our first-ever gameplay look at Resident Evil Village, and a few surprises! Schedule: Starts 2 pm PT/5 pm ET/10 pm UK/6 am HKT Resident […]

Get This Free RE Village Avatar for PS4/PS5; Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Closed Beta Sign Ups Now Live News 2

News 2 Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? If you own a PS4 and/or a PS5, you can get this free RE Village avatar right now! Note that this is for US (R1) accounts only. This is part of the Resident Evil Showcase set for next week, with Capcom promising our first-ever gameplay look at Resident Evil […]

Street Fighter 5 Gives Akuma Garuda’s Outfit From Fighting EX Layer News 0

News 0 Nostalgia makes its way in the form of another crossover costume Street Fighter fans can acquire in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, as Capcom reveals that Street Fighter EX and Fighting EX Layer character Garuda is the latest alternate outfit Akuma/ Gouki will be getting in the game courtesy of Extra Battle mode! Here’s the […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 15.11 Released Today News 0

News 0 While players shouldn’t expect any new major piece of content for Monster Hunter World, that doesn’t mean Capcom won’t continuously tweak and improve the game. Speaking of which, the developers have released the Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 15.11 patch today for consoles! Players will see this as MHWorld Iceborne update 15.11 on PS4, and […]

Street Fighter 5 Producer Gives Update on Season 5, Dan Hibiki Coming in February 2021 News 0

News 0 Street Fighter fans who have been looking forward to Season 5 finally have some news, as the end of this week’s Street Fighter League stream saw an important update from Street Fighter V producer Shuehei Matsumoto — who revealed that work is still being done on the new content and that Dan Hibiki will be […]

DMC5 Update 1.10 Blazes Out News 0

News 0 Capcom has just released the Devil May Cry 5 update/DMC5 update 1.10 patch, and it’s live now! It clocks in at 2.4GB on the PS4 version, and it includes new content, and more! Head on below for details. DMC5 Update 1.10 Patch Notes: Updated the types of statistical data that are collected during play Add-on […]

Monster Hunter Rise Debuts New Trailer in The Game Awards, Playable Demo Coming This January 2021 News 0

News 0 Fans of the Monster Hunter franchise get a new look at what’s to come next year for the series future, as Capcom unveiled a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise — the newest entry in the long running action role-playing saga that takes things on-the-go with the Nintendo Switch, with a playable demo coming […]

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Review – Devil Hunting Delight Reviews 0

Reviews 0 For some bizarre reason that I still don’t understand, I never played any of the seminal Capcom series growing up. Whether it be Street Fighter, Mega Man, or Resident Evil, my young mind was drawn to different franchises instead, mainly of the Nintendo variety. I’ve since been making up for the mistakes of my youth, […]

Street Fighter 5 Fighting EX Layer Crossover Costume Turns G Into Skullomania News 0

News 0 Street Fighter fans and players who have consistently participated in the Extra Battle missions in Street Fighter 5 are going to get something pretty nostalgic and sweet, as the newest crossover costume that will become available this week will be none other than Skullomania from Fighting EX Layer! Here’s the Tweet sent straight out from […]

Monster Hunter Movie Features Controversial Joke That Causes Backlash to Franchise News 0

News 0 Big controversy in brewing the world of Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise, as Monster Hunter World is receiving a lot of Review Bombs in China thanks to a very controversial joke that appeared in the new Monster Hunter movie directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring his wife — Resident Evil films star Milla Jovovich. Shared […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 15.10 December 3 Patch Roars Out News 2

News 2 True to their promise, Capcom has released the Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 15.10 December 3 patch, (MH World update 15.10), and it includes bug fixes, a bunch of monster tweaks, new quests and more! Head on below for the official patch notes. Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 15.10 December 3 Patch Notes (MH Wordl […]

Monster Hunter Rise Will Feature Global Matchmaking, Pausing to Be Included in Offline Quests News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter fans who are looking forward to the next big release of the franchise will soon find it in next year’s Monster Hunter Rise, as the Nintendo Switch exclusive is set to incorportae features found in Monster Hunter World and more, including global matchmaking. In an interview conducted by Gaijin Hunter with the developers […]

Street Fighter 6 Rumored to Be Cross Platform, Additional Details Revealed by Recent Capcom Hack News 0

News 0 It appears that plans and information on the next installment of the Street Fighter franchise may have revealed, as a new rumor is circulating online that Street Fighter 6 may be cross platform — with the information supposedly coming from the recent Capcom hack attack that happened this past week that led to several personal […]

Capcom Issues Statement on Data Breach, Names “Ragnar Locker” as Group Demanding Ransom News 2

News 2 Yesterday, we posted a massive info dump on Capcom’s plans for Resident Evil Village, the Ace Attorney franchise and more. This was from an earlier data breach at the company, and now Capcom has issued a formal statement about it. First the good news: Capcom notes that there is no at-risk data pertaining to credit […]

Massive Capcom Data Leak Reveals Planned Resident Evil Village Online, Ace Attorney Collection & More News 2

News 2 While Capcom has given us trailers and scant details regarding Resident Evil Village, it looks like the game is planned to feature a multiplayer component of sorts. This info comes from a massive data leak that happened last week, that a Capcom dev confirmed did happen. Apparently, a bunch of hackers managed to breach Capcom’s […]

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