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Resident Evil Resistance Beta Delayed on PS4 and PC News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake will include a free multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Resistance. It was originally planned that the asymetrical multiplayer game will have an open beta on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Well, as it turns out, the Resident Evil Resistance beta has been pushed […]

Monster Hunter World Update 13.00 Brings Title Update 3 News 0

News 0 Monster slayers, it’s finally here! Monster Hunter World Title Update 3 is now live! Players will see this as Monster Hunter World update 13.00, and it brings two new monster variants, and loads of gameplay changes. Read on for the patch notes below. Monster Hunter World update 13.00 patch notes: Main Additions / Changes General […]

Monster Hunter World Next Update Out Tomorrow, Brings Title Update 3 Content News 1

News 1 Monster Hunter World players, the Monster Hunter World next update is out tomorrow March 22! This is Title Update 3 and will bring in a new challenges and more! Before that though, check out this new friggin’ dragon, and a bunch of other stuff as well. Prepare for Alatreon! Headed out this May, one of […]

Monster Hunter World New Monster “Safi’jiiva” Unleashed on All Platforms, Title Update #3 Preview Set for March 21 News 0

News 0 Those looking for something new to hunt in Monster Hunter World, your wish has been granted — provided you own the Iceborne expansion. Capcom has announced that the Monster Hunter World new monster, called the “Saf’jiva, is now live and tearing stuff up on all platforms! Team up to hunt down the cataclysmic Safi'jiiva… and […]

PS Plus March Asia Free Games List Adds Monster Hunter World News 0

News 0 Those who have R3 (region 3) Asian PlayStation Plus accounts, you’re in luck! The PS Plus Asia March free games has just been updated to include Capcom’s Monster Hunter World! Note that no other freebie is being taken out, and Monster Hunter World is just being added to the existing list which includes Shadow of […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Sales Numbers Put it at 5 Million Units Shipped News 0

News 0 Unless you haven’t been playing a lot of video games lately, it’s no secret that Capcom’s Monster Hunter World is a very, very successful game for the company. Well, it seems evens its full-fledged expansion Iceborne is, too! Capcom has announced that the Monster Hunter World Iceborne sales numbers peg the title at five million […]

Monster Hunter World Update 12.11 Released, PC Gets 11.50 News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter World fans, Capcom has today released a new patch for Monster Hunter World, and both consoles and PC players got one! Console gamers will see this as Monster Hunter World update 12.11, while PC players will see theirs as 11.50. Monster Hunter World updatem 12.11 patch notes: Patch Details A patch is scheduled […]

Street Fighter 5 Update 3.02 Released, Here’s What It’s For News 0

News 0 While we got the big Champion Edition update for Street Fighter 5 last week, Capcom has released a new Street Fighter 5 update today. Players will see this as Street Fighter 5 update 3.02, and it’s only at 163MB. While no official patch notes have been released, based on Street Fighter Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono’s […]

Street Fighter 5 Update 3.01 Punches Out, Brings It to Champion Edition (Update) News 0

News 0 It’s finally here, Street Fighter 5 fans! Capcom has released the Street Fighter 5 update that brings the game to Champion Edition, and along with it, all the available fighters, cosmetic stuff and a new fighter in Seth! Console players will see this as Street Fighter 5 update 3.01 and is a whopping 25GB on […]

Resident Evil Resistance Maps and Two New Masterminds Revealed News 0

News 0 Capcom has announced more details regarding Resident Evil Resistance, which is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer game that’s set in the Resident Evil universe. We got two new Resident Evil Resistance maps, and two new Masterminds revealed today by Capcom! In case you’re not familiar with what Masterminds are, they are the killers in the game, […]

Monster Hunter World New Variant Monsters Reveal Postponed, Resident Evil Crossover Comng to PC News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Capcom was set to unveil two Monster Hunter World new variant monsters on February 6 at the Taipei Game Show. Unfortunately, the majority of world is now undergoing the big  coronavirus  scare, which has put the kibosh on the event itself. Over on Twitter, Capcom announced that the reveal has […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 1.21 Released News 0

News 0 Capcom has rolled out a new Monster Hunter World Iceborne patch, and it’s live now! PS4 players will see this as Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 1.21, while it’ll be on Xbox One. It includes bug fixes and no new content. Clocking in at just 240MB on PS4 and 140 on Xbox One, check […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Roadmap Update Revealed News 0

News 0 Those playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne, there’s a lot more stuff coming your way soon! Capcom has revealed the Monster Hunter World Iceborne roadmap update, and there’s a load of stuff which includes new quests, content and more. Also of note, while console players usually get content earlier than their PC counterpart, that won’t be […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake Characters Overview and Nemesis Trailer News 0

News 0 Capcom has released a new Resident Evil 3 Remake trailer featuring Nemesis, as well as an overview of the Resident Evil 3 Remake characters you’ll encounter in the game and then some. Brad Vickers – He is one of the sole survivors of the Mansion Incident (depicted in the original Resident Evil) and helped with investigations into […]

Latest Resident Evil 3 Remake News Confirms No Multiple Endings, Game 90% Complete News 0

News 0 We’re a few short months away from Resident Evil 3 Remake’s release, and Capcom seems to have started the new year by sharing a lot more details regarding the upcoming zombie re-imagining. In the latest Resident Evil 3 Remake news, a lot of details has been shared regarding the ending, the new Nemesis, and lots […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake File Size Revealed News 0

News 0 Hyped for Resident Evil 3 Remake after seeing bits of it just a month ago? For those wondering what hte Resident Evil 3 Remake file size is, wonder no more! It’ll clock in at 21.93GB on the Xbox One, though it’ll most likely be the same size on PS4 too. This was outed by the […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 12.03 Brings Holiday Joy Fest Content & More News 0

News 0 Heads up, hunters! Capcom has released Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 12.03 just now on PS4 and Xbox One, and it brings the Holiday Joy Fest content, as well as a slew of bug fixes! You canc check out the Monster Hunter World update 12.03 patch notes below. Monster Hunter World Iceborne update 12.03 patch […]

Capcom Japan Files Trademark for Dino Crisis News 0

News 0 Remember Dino Crisis? Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s other survival horror game that featured dinosaurs rather than flesh eating zombies? While nothing about the franchise has been announced or hinted at for a new Dino Crisis game, things might be heating up soon. Capcom Japan, which is Capcom HQ, has filed a trademark for Dino […]

Street Fighter 5 Seth Gameplay Featured as Part of Champion Edition News 0

News 0 Early next year in February 14, 2020, Street Fighter 5 will get a “Champion Edition,” which will include all the released characters, stages, and costumes available so far for only $29.99. Those who own the base game already will be able to upgrade for $24.99, which they can do now. One of the new fighters […]

Street Fighter 5 Update 2.14 Features Gill, New Balance Changes News 0

News 0 Fight fans, a new Street Fighter 5 update is out today, and not only does it feature a new fighter in Gill, a new stage and more  there’s also a slew of gameplay tweaks made to existing fighters too. Street Fighter 5 update 2.14 is now out, and you can check the list of changes […]

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