F1 23 Update 1.11 Released This August 31

F1 23 Update 1.11

Codemasters has released F1 23 update 1.11 (PS5 version 1.011), and this is an unannounced patch, and comes after the gameplay improvements title update released a few days ago. Read on for what’s new in the F1 23 patch notes for August 31.

F1 23 Update 1.11 Patch Notes | F1 23 Update 1.011 Patch Notes | F1 23 August 31 Patch Notes:

Codemasters hasn’t revealed what got changed just yet. However, here’s the latest update from the dev team regarding the game and what issues are currently being worked on.

It looks like a special Monza livery has been added:

As for the issues being looked into, here are the items being investigated by the devs (via the EA Answers board).


  • 🆕 Multiple warnings do not equate to time penalties in Ranked
  • Incorrect effect on Ferrari halo
  • Safety car delta jumping when entering the pits at Monaco
  • Tyre wear at 100% on race start after an F2™ Sprint race
  • Graphical corruption when looking backwards in the pitlane at Silverstone
  • Unexpected bump at Spain pit entry
  • Track limits throughout Las Vegas
  • Multiple track limit warnings at Australia, Turn 4
  • Goals being locked in F1® World
  • Loss of Force Feedback on Thrustmaster T300 (PC) (Click here for more information)
  • Issues with Force Feedback on Logitech wheels (Click here for more information)
  • Low framerate when driving through smoke
  • Logitech TrueForce is unavailable on Xbox
  • Other various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms

If an official patch notes changelog is released, we’ll update the article.

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