Fan-Made, Bungie-Approved Destiny Info Vid Breaks Down All Game Modes in “The Director”

There’s a lot out there on Bungie’s highly anticipated shared-world shooter, Destiny, and things can get a bit confusing when you’re talking about a game as massive and complex as this.

Helping you understand exactly what there is to do in Bungie’s ‘brave new word’, Destiny fan and YouTube personality “MoreConsole” constructed an impressive break down of all the game modes that can be accessed through “The Director”, Destiny’s central hub for mission and social management.

According to his video, which you can catch above, the following modes will be available to your Guardian:

  • Patrol – Free Roam
  • Campaign – Story
  • Strikes – Co-Op
  • Raids – Hardcore Co-Op
  • Skirmishes – PvP
  • Faction Missions – Faction-Specific Quests

Though the guide itself is unofficial, fan-made work, Bungie did share it through their official channels indicating some form of legitimacy. We sure found it informative and think you will too.

Also shared through official channels, Bungie took note of this fan-made Strike gameplay analysis that does a fantastic job of breaking down what’s new in Destiny’ most recent gameplay trailer.

[youtube id=”xhLBgqPnSUk”]

Bungie has confirmed that we’ll be learning more about Destiny’s story details, competitive multiplayer, and beta news at E3 2014, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Destiny launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 September 9.

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