Feedback from MW3 Elite’s First DLC will Influence Future Maps

Robert Bowling talks about how the feedback from Call of Duty Elite’s first drop will influence the team behind Modern Warfare in terms of designing future maps.

In a recent One of Swords’ podcast, Robert Bowling breaks down the benefits of Elite for both, players and developers. Robert Bowling explains “that’s what’s so great about how we’re doing things now, we’re giving you an option of how you get to not only get content but the type of content that you get, so this full season of content allows us to do that.

“It allows us from a player benefit to have an option to get content early, so you don’t have to wait for those collections to come out.” Bowling is referring to the traditional map packs from previous Call of Duty titles. Modern Warfare 3 will receive its first map pack (collection) some time in March. On the flip side, “from a dev benefit, it allows us to get content out as it’s finished, which allows us a chance that we never had before to get feedback as we’re developing the DLC, so we can put out the first maps that come out in the first content drop begin getting feedback of what they like, what they want more of, let that impact our design decisions moving forward.”

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