FIFA 23 Gameplay Deep-Dive Video Shoots Out

FIFA 23 Gameplay

A week ago, EA showcased the reveal trailer for FIFA 23, and also introduced Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr as the official cover athletes for the upcoming game. Today, EA has released our first official look at FIFA 23 gameplay! The 11-minute video focuses on all the new and improved features coming to the game.

Here’s a rundown of features coming to FIFA 23.


Data from two new full-match motion capture shoots and five training drills with professional teams – including a FIFA-first motion capture of a women’s match – leads to more high-quality, true-to-life animations than ever before in an EA SPORTS™ FIFA title.


Advances to our cutting-edge and proprietary machine learning algorithm create more football realism in FIFA 23, learning from a cumulative 9.2 million frames of advanced match capture and writing new animations in real time to create natural football motion across a variety of interactions in FIFA 23.


Data captured directly from the pitch in both a men’s and women’s match results in a combined total of over 6000 HyperMotion-enabled animations that make players move and play more responsively and realistically than ever before in FIFA 23.


Dedicated Advanced 11v11 Match Capture of a full-intensity women’s match combines with machine learning technology to power the women’s game in FIFA 23, creating authentic animation informed by the movement of real-life women’s players.


A brand new dribbling system, informed by machine learning between every touch, delivers next-gen visuals and natural motion with the ball at your feet. Whether you’re taking on a defender for pace or keeping the ball close to turn away from an opponent, ultra-responsive Technical Dribbling makes the world’s-best move more fluidly than ever before.


Machine learning technology learns from real-world defensive situations and movement taken from Advanced 11v11 Match Capture data to rewrite the jockeying system in FIFA 23, enabling defenders to better counter oncoming attackers.

New ACCELERATE acceleration mechanics provide an added layer of personality to how players reach their top speed in FIFA 23. From explosive acceleration off the mark to more controlled or lengthy changes of pace, players will now reach full speed at different rates to create more variety in player movement and gameplay in FIFA 23.


New animations powered by HyperMotion2 allow for more natural transition between controlling the ball and shooting. Combining precision and fluidity, longer high-quality animation creates one continuous motion as players trap the ball, rotate, and strike the ball towards the target.


An evolution in two player interaction technology syncs player animations as goalkeepers rise to meet crosses against opposing attacking players, creating cleaner outcomes as keepers claim aerial balls.

FIFA 23 will launch for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and Google Stadia on September 30, 2022. Players can subscribe to EA Play or buy the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition to get early access for the game on September 27, 2022.

Source: EA 

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