First Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Weekend Event Announced

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Revolution + Peacekeeper = Double Weapon XP

Along with today’s release of Black Ops 2’s first DLC pack ‘Revolution’ on Xbox 360, Treyarch has updated the message of the day on the system to announce an upcoming weekend event.

“Starting on Friday, Feb 1st (10 am/PST) and going through Monday, Feb 4th (10 am/PST) you will earn Double Weapon XP on all weapons. Double XP allows to level up and unlock attachments at twice the usual rate,” posted Treyarch earlier today.

The message has only appeared on Xbox 360 at the time of writing. However, this event is to celebrate the new DLC released, so PS3 and PC owners can expect similar event once Revolution hits next month.

You can catch gameplay on all the new DLC maps through here on MP1stTV.