First Class Trouble State of Play 2021 Trailer Presents a Guide to Social Deduction

First Class Trouble

Get to the bottom of a mystery inside of a cruise ship filled with killer servants, as First Class Trouble State of Play 2021 Trailer presents a guide to social deduction, where you must figure out who you can trust and how you can survive against the wrath of C.A.I.N.

Here’s the new video released in this October’s State of Play serving as your guide to survival about this deadly cruise.

In First Class Trouble, players are randomly assigned roles — either as a Resident or as a Personoid. Residents are the regular human passengers onboard having a grand time, while the Personoids are mechanical engineered assistants with their programming overwritten. Throughout the game, Residents have to put a stop to the dangers after them by getting three keycards and progressing to C.A.I.N — the main A.I at the heart of the Alithea. For Personoids however they are tasked with eliminating the human guests at all costs. That means lying, deceiving, and eventually preventing them from getting out alive.

The game sounds awfully like Among Us — another popular social deduction game. A set of physical collector’s editions are on the way next year, and you can read the details about that here.

First Class Trouble will launch for PS4 and PS5 via PlayStation Plus on November 2.

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