[Updated: Screens Added] First Halo 4 DLC Trailer – Crimson Map Pack

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Halo 4’s first map set of DLC, the Crimson map pack, will be in your hands December 10, according to this trailer uploaded by YouTuber OdysseusVA.

This date falls in line with the previous leaks we reported earlier.

Along with more of the same Halo action you love, the Crimson map pack will include three brand new maps: Harvest, Shatter and Wreckage. Check them out in action below.

Don’t forget that the Halo 4 War Games eason Pass will net you all map packs for the one price of 2000 Microsoft Points. If the dates reported earlier are solid, then we’ll be seeing the Majestic map pack, on February 25 and the the Castle map pack on April 1.

Via, HaloCouncil


The Crimson map pack will go for $10.00 USD or 800 Microsoft Points.

Also included in the Crimson map pack are 8 new achievements and the brand new Extraction game mode, a 5v5 objective-based game type that tasks opposing teams of Spartans to secure and extract assets from various sites around the map.

Also, check out these Crimson map pack screens courtesy of the official Halo Bulletin.